A young man once said, ” if you want to hid a secret from a black man, put it in a book” How truth is this saying ?
Now join me as we relate this with a true life story i’m about sharing with you….
I’m pastor John Ibe, and also a designer. I have been teaching and mentoring people to be able to attain to their full potential in life. Aside from teaching in my church, i also get invitations from other churches and corporate organizations to teach and mentor. I love reading books, when i mean books, i read plenty of books. So one blessed day, a brother in my church gave me a gift, before then i had a financial challenge, i been asking God to help me out with. I needed the sum of almost five thousand pounds, so the brother presented the gift to me and lo and behold the gift was a book. I went
through the cover of the book, checked the title and i said to myself “this book does not patterns to my present challenge” so i kept it in my book archive together with my other books.
Two years later i was going through my archive, i saw that same book i was given two years ago and
said to myself ” John look at you, a book you have been given two ago, well let me pick it up and see what the book is about”. So i picked the book and started reading it, the book is a very nice book and it kept me reading it. And one day, to my surprise i opened a page in the book, i found something. I picked up the thing, look at it, as i recognized what
it was, i placed my two hands on my head and made a loud exclamation ” chineke mie !” (oh my God !). So i said to myself “God has answered this prayer
long ago before now”. And i hurriedly picked up my phone and dialed the Brother’s number who gave me the book, and the phone ranged, truuuup,
truuuup ! And i heard a voice mixed with joy and laughter ” oh pastor, i have’nt heared from you in a while now, how is your family (i replied him
accordingly) ? “. And he asked me if i received the gift he sent to me, there was a silence for some seconds and said ” pastor ! Pastor ! are you there ?
So i replied him with a heavy heart filled with disappointment and regret and i said “bro i did’nt …….did’nt open the book until after two years, i’m calling you now because i just opened the
page where the true gift lies” and the brother exclaimed “you what !! ……well sorry sir that’s really unfortunate but right now i can’t give the gift again,
wish i could do it but right now i’m facing some challenges, maybe when God blesses and raise me up again i will be able to do it”. So we exchanged
pleasantries and ended the call.
I John Ibe have just lost a sum of £5000 because of my ignorance to knowledge, every book is a knowledge. I ignorantly kept the a gift in my archive for a whole twos years without attending to it, because it was a book. I never knew the the giver of the gift (book) kept a cheque of £5000 in the book for me, and this was what i have been asking God since the last two years and now the cheque has gone dumb.
Well if you ask me i will say the reading habit does’nt depend on race but person. Knowledge is light and its application is power !
Written by: HerexG
Narrated by:
Fela Duro


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