Now i guess we’ve always been mismatched
But this still seems like what could have been a re-match
Of our fates who had co-existed in one batch
But all of a sudden we go right back
Oh! I remember the good old days
When I was buying under the shack
You had met me and said i appealed to you in many ways
Anyways i agreed to bring you over to my house
and months later you got under my blouse
I had fallen deeply and would do anything for you
I had even forsaken Tunde who was ever true
But to be careful,I had you checked out
I had gone to the soothsayer or should i say marabout
He said you were great but it would take a patience
I was willing to take the chance
I took on the chase
Two years later you had rapidly changed
By then i had one kid in hand,another not too aged
The fights had begun and the cursing had been staged.
I hung on,your family,them opportunists also had a say
All the money i stole for you,you gave away
You were giving them all the money you earned even my monthly pay
I hung on,I couldn’t have turned back anyways
But I’d be highly unfair if i never spoke of the days
Days you would lavish on me without a break
I guess everything here’s always been give and take
Well,with the good days ranking up to 40%
And the bad 60,I guess you had done well
Far beyond anyone could tell
So why am i even telling this story
Why am I foretelling the glory
Of the marriage,in which that’s always been gory
Oh!yes,No love
Even with all the good and bad times joined
I’ve come to realise one thing
There’s no love here
And even if I had spotted traces of it
It has always been when YOU were happy
You had always been on top
We had always celebrated YOUR achievements
That had always been when we were happy
When YOU were on top
You never did give me a chance
You were always on step ahead and you wanted it to be without end.
Oh Brother You’ve never really loved me
You always sent me back and then would call me when you’re horny
But that’s just you being corny
There’s no love in this place
And even though you had dropped the cutlass this time
There is only one thing here
and it ain’t love.
Omowunmi ‘Lizzie Folami

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