My Motives

Don’t take time to read this poem

It won’t be time well spent

At the end you’ll call it boring, stupid and senseless.

This poem has no underlying theme.

Do not waste your time reading this poem

You are a logical being, this poem makes no sense

This poem is watching you trying to make sense from this poem.

This poem has no rhyming scheme and

It is surprised you are still reading this poem

This poem had presumed you were a more serious person.

This poem is surprised you do not obey instructions but

It is impressed you atleast read them.

This poem is not afraid of critics

It says what it likes, however it likes to

Oh, can’t you see this is just a bloody waste of time

But you managed to still go on to the next line.

And now for no reason I’ll make this one rhyme

By stupidly ending with the word lime.

I’ve not written this for any stupid poetry award

Ofcourse I’ll fail if I wrote this in a test.

And yet again I stupidly end with the word best

I warned you from the very title.

I do not write poems for any stupid title!

And ehen, I can end this poem with any sentence that I want,

Whether it make sence to you or I spelt that wrong.

And dont tell me ‘it’s a poem and its sentences must not be unnecessarily too long if not they will not go down well’

It’s my poem!

Slippers are good things.

This witty Piece is written by our very own Seun Lari- Williams See Here


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