Under the Act

He used to say life in the village is tough,
People look sick and everyone has a cough.
And that was when you asked to meet his mom.
Now suddenly he loves culture and the traditional ways,

He misses the village dancers and the traditional plays,
He says the moon shines brighter in the small town where his mother stays,
You say he tells you this because you’re his one and only, but are you his ‘now and always’?
He wants to marry you in the presence of trees and rocks,
And where the cock crows in the morning instead of the alarm clocks.
He says you look gorgeous in iro and buba, and that the white wedding gown sucks.
He’s either trying to be creative or he doesn’t love you enough.
Play along with him under this act, tell him “culture is nice”
Let him play the village war hero, you be his prize,
But before you leave Lagos, visit the Registrar’s office twice
Insist you do this even though he says the Registrar is as cold as ice.
Because the issue is not as to whether you’re merely his ‘one and only’
It’s about if you’re that and his ‘now and always’, dis na d fact;
A man who truly loves you will marry you under the Act.
This Piece is written by Seun Lari- Williams. Also Here


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