Hopeless Romantic

I’ve always been told to love less
Never go on only with a guess
But someone please tell me how to go about this.
How not to fall with sudden ease
Deep, into the pools of passion
Pools of passion, pools of love
Like warm spaghetti.

where i find joy in a dove
in its wings i’m in a clove
only never to come back in one piece
afterall, i’m but a human being
wired to work like this thing
this machine that keeps going in the reverse
and with each passing verse
i write with a tear
dropping from eyelids without fear
but pains that won’t disappear
why do fools fall in love?
The question itself is why dont fools?
Cause love itself is sheer stupidity
Dipped in utmost promiscuity
Going here and there without unity
Tearing one’s heart without pity.
Slow and steady.

it keeps going in a circle
I catch him looking at me
I think he’s cute
I begin the crushing game
The i get caught up without tame
Until i find out,
I’m a single player
a lone athlete running like fire
Only to get worn out soon
Then i go on in this race
Sweats already fill my face
The partner i only see in a haze
Going on into my disgrace
Only to soon find out,
Time out.
He’s got a girl already.

Yet again,again the clock begins to tick
Another one for whom i ick
The butterflies at my stomach lick
Once again I’m that hopeless romantic.

Omowunmi ‘Lizzte Folami

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