How The First Lady’s N1million Largesse Tore The Nigerian Law School, Bwari Campus Abuja Students Apart

The Nigerian First lady, Dame Patience Jonathan was in Bwari on Tuesday for the convocation of graduands from her NGO, A. Arueba Foundation where the less privileged in the society are taught various skills such as tailoring, catering, carpentry, auto mechanic, and other skills to empower them.
After she left the convocation venue, she paid an unscheduled visit to the Bwari campus of the Nigerian Law school, Abuja to see two of her adopted daughters. The visit which was meant to be a private family affair eventually turned into a PR stunt and money sharing bazaar.

The first lady was ushered into the female block C hostel where her adopted daughters reside at about 6pm. She spent a considerable amount of time chatting with them and their flat mates.
The First Lady was reported to have dashed N300,000 to her adopted daughter’s room mate, Ine…a graduate of the University of Calabar. The other two flat mates  were not left out of the bazaar as they dashed, N250,000 each.
As the First Lady left the hostel, she also dashed the chief porter of the female hostel, N100,000.
The excited female students who could not contain their joy were seen clicking their cameras, blackberry, ipads in photoshots of the philantropist First Lady and giggling excitedly as she embarked upon an inspection tour of facilities around the Block C Female hostel.
The high point of her visit was the introduction of the Student Representative Council President, Mr Frank Urthur by the First Lady’s adopted daughter. The benevolent first lady did not waste any time in doling out one million naira to the president to be shared amongst the students. The one million naira largesse is tearing the students apart as of the time SaharaReporters filed this report.
The President of the student body Mr Frank Urthur (a close confidant of Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue state) wanted to play a fast one on the students by informing them that the first lady gave them N500,000 and not N1 million.
This infuriated the students and they insisted that the money should be counted in their presence. Before one could say Jack Robinson, two volunteers stepped out, took possession of the wads of naira and counted it in the presence of all. Lo and behold, the largesse was one million and not five hundred thousand as was declared earlier  Mr Frank.
At this juncture commotion and pandemonium broke out, with the aggrieved students running haywire in a bedlam of confusion. They booed Mr Frank Urthur. Derogatory songs like “Frank you are a thief! Frank Ole, rented the air. The students also descended on him and he was rescued by the timely intervention of the police men stationed within the school premises. The students thereafter had an impromptu meeting where it was agreed that a vote of no confidence should be passed on Mr Frank Urthur.
Students have also commenced moves for his impeachment.
This is the climax of the unscheduled visit of the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan to her adopted daughters at the Bwari Campus of the Nigeria Law School, Abuja. Her naira rain also exposes the pervasive corruption in the country and casts a doubt in our youths who happen to be the leaders of tomorrow with regards to their attitude towards corruption. The sordid episode goes to show that the Nigerian youths are only waiting for their turn to continue with business as usual when the mantle of leadership eventually falls into their hands.

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