You already knew a woman well at sixteen

although the poor girl was pre-teen

you had taken advantage of that your friend’s sister

and with him you had laughed sinister

after you saw her jump over the gutter

you had become a man

you had lifted the ban

your  life had begun.

On your eighteenth birthday you had another one

she, your heart had won

you had taken time to persuade this one

because you only had a few years on her

and you had promised to keep as your own

then she agreed to make love after

oh, how it made you heart swell

to you it was special

but days later, while whistling up to Tunde’s house,

you felt your heart bounce

and knocked over

you had met her, bent over

and you decided never to love again

not ever, its pain

Twenty years later you made it

you had studied hard and served up east

now when its almost time to dance to the beat

of a man carrying his wife

you decided you’ll enjoy your life

and come later to the strife

but she was already in your life

and in your mind she’ll wait for life

before she has you caged

but right there you were mis ‘taked’

because this one who you had believed to be the same

had loved you differently without tame

and while you had kept her at bay

another had come to take her heart away

Now here you stand

wondering where next you’ll land

i have one advice for you

studies have shown to be true

as music is food for the soul,

so is love to life

and from the north to the south pole

you’ll only find one never under the knife

and its name is love

It was founded from up above

so, even as  is done by the dove

never shut your heart to love.

Omowunmi ‘lizzie Folami

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