This is Nigeria: My Many Questions

So they say, This is Nigeria! But this statement seems to further infuriate me by the day. I need not be reminded of my geographical location. If this were the only implication of this statement,there might as well be no need for this article.However,this expression has found its way to the mouths of many Nigerians;the young and old. It seems to have become a second national anthem and each time people discuss national issues,you are sure to hear “This is Nigeria”. So I ask myself,if we are quick to say this is Nigeria at every misconduct,isn’t it a bad omen? Doesn’t this show that we would rather wallow in the dark than do that which is right? Isn’t it a sign that we would rather keep quiet when the wrong things are done before us than take a step to correct them? Do you equally agree that because “this is Nigeria”, things should be allowed to remain the way they are under the guise of “letting sleeping dogs” lie? Or would you truly stand for what is right even if you are standing alone? In view of the myriad of challenges facing the country,would you keep watching your fatherland operate as a developing nation till you breathe your last?
Pause and ponder,the “this is Nigeria” mentality has held many captive, choose on this day whether to be a liberated mind or not; whether you would keep up with being backward than making progress gradually? To be free and real,free yourself from all the concepts and labels others have installed in your mind. Remember, as Nicolo Machiavelli opines,”whosoever. desires constant success must change his conduct with the times”



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