Recap: A Welcome Address by President Seun Lari-Williams Last Semester

Student of the law welcome back!
Do remember the colours are white and black.
A law student never claims to be all-knowing
And they dress their answers in IRAC clothing.If what “they gave” you sucks and u deserve better
Please stop groaning and write a complaint letter!
Who said you must pay fees before resumption?
Unilag is not unreasonable, why make such a presumption?
As to whether ladies can still wear trousers
It has not been expressly prohibited but don’t wear casuals!
And black is not dark blue, dark brown or gray;
What primary school did you go to by the way?
15 minutes is the new period of grace;
But for Professors, let your eight be eight.
If your phone vibrates too loudly, talk less of ring
Next time there will be no phone to bring.
Plz don’t ping, chew gum, use earphones or text!
And do not sit among the talkative sect.
The lounge is a place for law students to chill
So plz be quiet, “chill and let’s chill”.
There are 25 WASTE baskets in the Law Faculty
And the word there “Waste” is not a verb, plz dispose properly.
Plz be watchful of the friends you roll with;
You are a Law Student, and your new surname is Smith – Seun Lari- Williams

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