Every time I place my hands upon those brown doors I wonder why I have to apply so much strength just to open a door and even more so to keep it open! Am just saying, it can be embarrassing sometimes, trying to be chivalrous and all, trying to keep the door open for a lady friend and all of a sudden it begins to shut despite my hand!Well, after I triumph over those menacing doors I step into a dimly lit but very brief passage and to my left is another brown door but thankfully this door is friendlier. My first encounter with the L.S.S office was in my matriculatory year and at once I got the feeling that I was of little or no qualification to be there and the room felt like a menacing harbinger of authority, but with the change of personnel in the corridors of power that room has taken on a more nailed-to-the-cross look —-it has open arms!
Away from the ever redecorated room, a sweet steep slide down the greenish grey tiles accompanied by me immediately misplacing the network on my mobile (no fault of mine!) brings me into the light, the light of a square room littered with wooden tables, a free mix of wooden and metal chairs a fridge of drinks with the customary straight faced Drink Man on the left and our dear ‘Mothers of the Meal’ on the far right accompanied by the constant chatter of black people in their white and blacks (which they flaunt to the outside world but complain of inside) underlined by the ever reliable scent of toast bread…our staple food! A flight of stairs leading up to another square room with a few wooden chairs and tables but which somehow has the venerated privilege of boasting of three cushioned sofas (whose declining condition I refuse to recognize!) and a flat screen lcd plasma tv! This, dear person-whose-eyes-are-quickly-scanning-this-paper, is the Law Students Lounge! Forgive me for forgetting to include the law ladies favourite toy and weapon; the newly installed phantom Mirror on the Wall! (I wonder who the fairest of them all is…certainly not someone outside year 2 though!)
However, the walls of this famed lounge have been first hand witnesses to more than just the eating habits and gossips of animated law students but have also been eye witnesses to the mysterious disappearances of numerous phones, books and property in general and have also been violated by the perverted actions of the notorious “Serial Masturbator” whose actions violated the sacred temple of the upper lounge much to the disgust of not a few. But most of all, the law lounge is a microcosm, a small stage upon which the socio-stratified plot of the law students lifestyles are acted out inadvertently by the very law students themselves, a sort of autobiographical play of the life of law students. In short, all am saying is; every stratification in every level among every set is laid bare in the lounge every day.
Every year, two sets of students get ‘fully’ accepted into the ceremonial black and white canals of the faculty, they are known as UME and DE students. Somehow, by some unseen hand of perhaps tradition and history, a host of the UME students tend to find themselves carving a niche for themselves in the Lower Lounge and barely ever venture upwards except in a quest for a free socket or some entertainment from the tube! The DE students also, except to satisfy the craving and demand for a seat among scarce resources in the crammed market of seats at the upper lounge, hardly ever ‘chill’ in the Lower Lounge (hence they only mix due to double coincidence of wants) . This division runs deeper than just the admission list after post utme and runs deep into the relationships that build up in the faculty. Most of the UME students that stay up either have a bulk of their friends among the DE students and vice versa, even more, there now seems to be the ethereal concept lurking behind my mind that the upper lounge is reserved for the ‘fresh peeps’ and the Lower Lounge; the common folk! Now this may not be entirely true, but it seems so to my mind.
However, there is another set of law students, the Drifters, of which I am a proud member who sit wherever they like, whenever they like and with whoever they like deciding only based on their mood, the weather, the TV, global warming and Olympus has Fallen! (Don’t know why I added that last bit, guess I just love the movie!) Now, most of You-Quickly-Scanning-This-Paper would hastily claim to be in this group, but are you really? Next time you go to the lounge watch where your feet automatically drags you to! Remember, the walls have eyes… and I don’t mean the camera above the cyber cafe door… (okay maybe I do) we see you!
This witty et exciting Piece is written by Jones Ayuwo Or here



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