Get Familiar: Admin's Opening Gambit

Howdy Everyone, its another semester…and the LSS have achieved a milestone in the history of our Law Student Society’s Governance, as you all know…Last semester witnessed the birth of the 1st ever website dedicated to bringing the very best for members of the LSS.While this move has strongly entrenched the Presence of our LSS on the internet, it was noted that there is more to be done, one can only get better…hence, the maiden launching of this official Blog will go a long way in stamping an online foothold and attending to our ever-vibrant members in a user-friendly format. As it is currently, the Main website is undergoing a major maintenance, and pending its conclusion…There’s a need to assure y’all we will only get better (remember we are 1st Choice)
Now, without mincing words…our aim is simple, we have a mission to make this blog and consequently our website the most visited student society site in the country, and then we march on to Global Dominance…forgive me for what some might construe as being too overly opmistic, but i very well believe it is easily achievable.. I mean, its no longer news that the faculty is the best in the country, it is also trite that our collection of students in the faculty are about the most sophisticated any institution in the country can provide…Hence, the need for us to extend our reach beyond the borders of the country.
Couple of weeks ago…Our loving charismatic President represented the school (with two others) in the Global Y20 youth summit held @ russia, and i must say, this is just a tip of the Iceberg (expect an exclusive interview with the President detailing the workings of his Administration and much more)
So, I appeal to all members of the LSS, believe in the administration, support what they stand for, send your contributions in terms of articles, write-ups etc to….remember this is our official “informal site”….We’ve been getting Positive Feedbacks, a cursory look at some materials here will convince you. So quit being lily-livered and send it quickly.
~Don’t let Somebody tell you…you can’t do Something.
~You got a Dream…You gotta protect it
People Can’t do Something themselves…they wanna tell you that you can’t do it.
~If you want Something, go get it. Period!!
(Will Smith – Pursuit of Happiness)
You Don’t have to be an Elephant to be Relevant.
(Le Deep ..shay, lol)
The Seun Lari – Williams Led-Government has been working tirelessly to ensure this semester ends a complete success. In my Independent Role as the Website Admin…i will like to describe myself as purely neutral, so it will not be out of place if i take this opportunity to appreciate the work of the LSS Excos , especially those workaholics like the President, the 3 portable guys (in the words of the HOC of Gani Chambers), and everyone part of this Process. It will also be significant to note that the current Administration has paid off all subsisting debt likely to have been incurred by the erstwhile Administration. Going by the Words of Pres. Seun Lari – Williams which he said Ipsi simma verba : “We Don’t plan to leave any Debt”. I respect such conviction, because surely : “One doesn’t have to be in Accounting to be Accountable”.
Note: this post is purely informal, to some of our straight-faced colleagues…A word of Advice: Loosen up and Try not to be “More Catholic than the Pope”. This BLOG will be better appreciated if you scroll down and click on FULL SITE


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