My 5 year old cousin and I were having a chat about what he wants to be in future and he told me he would love to be a lawyer because he likes the wig and gown “costume”. Unfortunately, the process of becoming a lawyer involves those long lectures, bulky handouts, the routine “white & black” and for some of us, “overnight”. On this note, I am pleased to welcome you all to the second semester of this session. This semester, the FLYTEAM promises to ensure that trailblazing feats witnessed in the first semester will not come to an end just yet.
In case you’ve forgotten, I’ll give a brief recap of the programs that we pulled off: The Inaugural Duro Adeyele Spelling Bee, the Justice Pius Adeyemi Essay Writing Competition, A Conversation on Domestic Violence, The Launch of the First ever Law Society (LSS) website and my personal favorite, CHOWDOWN – Food eating competition!!!
There’s a lot to look forward to this semester. Programs like the A.B. Kasunmu Annual lecture, The Sports Week/Festival, the Law Dinner *whistles*, and so much more will be coming your way. By the special grace of God, we hope to achieve all this and serve you better before our tenure runs out. We’ll need all the help we can get so feel free to lend a hand and participate in any way that you can. Our doors are always open (I mean that literally. Lol)
So once again, on behalf of the executives of the Law Society, I say welcome to the new semester. L’Chaim.
By Toni ‘Sifer’ Numa (CEO Sifer Music)



  1. A good piece! Well done Halihat, oh! Sorry dear I meant Well done Haliart! Hehehehe.
    But criously, this is a good work Yetunde.

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