JAMB Turned Him Into An Atheist

Somebody posted this on my Facebook:
I used to be Agnostic… But today i turned to an
Atheist! I took my 3rd Jamb Last saturday… And
the God who i had so served diligently, gave me
156. Not that i didnt study for the exam, or
something but i dont just know what happened. The
little faith i used to have in the existence of God,
ended this morning after i saw that result! From
now henceforth, no more Church services, no more
‘our father’, no more ‘Hail mary’. From today
henceforth i’ll live as a free man bonded to no
fairytale called ‘Religion’!
– Chijioke Eze


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  1. As an atheist myself,I find it ridiculous that people denounce religion because of life challenges,these are people that will claim they’re once atheists before returning to religion because they encountered problems they can not solve.
    It’s a good thing though that young people like me are seeing the fraud behind religion and their celestial baby sitter,critical thinking and sufficient knowledge are requisites to understand this.

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