Picture perfect

I believe there’s a thin line between love and hate but i believe in trust
and no matter how long u make me wait
i’d never give up on us

i dont believe it’s ‘black or white’
cos there’s always a shade of grey
and even though it’ll never be alright
i just hope i make it okay

i dont believe in perfection
i think it’s a far cry
and even though the truth hurts
it never leaves me with a ‘black eye’

life’s a roller coaster
we’re all trying to get a grip
and i can only play my part
if u’re sticking to the script

i’m a lot of things
optimist is one
i just hope i made u ‘smile’
after all is said and done

so here’s me offering my heart
my most precious asset
maybe now u’d get the picture
even though its not ‘picture perfect’

Omowunmi ‘Lizzie Folami


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