Do not read this Poem—- by Seun Lari Williams. (Blunt-talker)

Seun Lari-Williams
Seun Lari-Williams

Don’t take time to read this poem
It won’t be time well spentAt the end you’ll call it boring, stupid and senseless.
This poem has no underlying theme.
Do not waste your time reading this poem
You are a logical being, this poem makes no sense
This poem is watching you trying to make sense from this poem.
This poem has no rhyming scheme and
It is surprised you are still reading this poem
This poem had presumed you were a more serious person.
This poem is surprised you do not obey instructions but
It is impressed you atleast read them.
This poem is not afraid of critics
It says what it likes, however it likes to
Oh, can’t you see this is just a bloody waste of time
But you managed to still go on to the next line.
And now for no reason I’ll make this one rhyme
By stupidly ending with the word lime.
I’ve not written this for any stupid poetry award
Of course I’ll fail if I wrote this in a test.
And yet again I stupidly end with the word best
I warned you from the very title.
I do not write poems for any stupid title!
And ehen, I can end this poem with any sentence that I want,
Whether it make sense to you or I spelt that wrong.
And don’t tell me ‘it’s a poem and its sentences must not be unnecessarily too long if not they will not go down well’
It’s my poem!
Slippers are good things.

Posted by Seun Lari-Williams on Thursday, June 14, 2012


    Because it maketh sad…
    The Burden
    The conscience that lives
    The mind that thinks
    How torturous!
    In the midst of the gathering
    I stand
    A lone creature
    Among the throng of worshippers
    Thinking of things beyond
    Of things transcendental
    Of our crossed world
    On the march to ruin, with only a few
    On the cramped path to salvation’s vapid beckoning.
    High rise the praise to God
    Praise for the salvation
    Of few million servants
    Where the earth’s teeming citizenry
    Are on the road to destruction;
    Praises still, and adoration!
    And God must look into the world
    Where his innumerable children
    Will soon in Armageddon
    Taste the wrath of their God.
    Ah, what burdens we bear
    We who think we know
    Who on our shoulder rests
    The plinth of our damned planet
    We bear this burden
    Conferred on us by knowledge
    Our pledge is to unburden it
    Unto those who may hear
    Who may peer beyond the darkness
    Of earth’s waning day
    And our lives which soon
    Shall cease to be.

  2. Hey Joshua, as much as i appreciate the challenge ….i feel posting a poem under a poem is totally unnecessary… would expect you to forward your “work” to the Admin.

  3. Sorry for that, didn’t take time to observe protocols…
    And keep the poem thing going, it’s an interesting venture.

  4. read only if u like obscenities.
    fuck poetry. it sucks…ask the poet stuck on a tree
    it can leave your mind stranded in the beyond
    life is hard already, harder than a porn star’s erection
    and all this philosophical reasoning and lyrical ramblings
    is making the soul weary and mental eyesight bleary
    for such staring into the beyond is bad for the eyes
    that having being said, i will end on this note…
    don’t fuck poetry…fuck the poet…especially if you’re a pretty lass

  5. Pun pun n playfu all d way! Usin somtin2describ itself in a vry funny n playfu way,. Nice style nd a vry alluring topic, lukiin out of theme evn as e says dem nd no rhythm wen its seeks 2ryhme.vry funny..comic rlief afta readin lots

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