I WANT TO BE A CHILD AGAIN’—-Dosumu Temiloluwa

I want to be a child again so I can encounter the world as it is.
Not through the blind coloured eyes of a grownup
Communicate with flowers, pebbles and leaves unhindered
Speak to the air in a chattering dialect most self-acclaimed knowledgeable adults cannot comprehend
Get gifts long before Christmas and long after it
Elicit concern from all
All it takes is a minute’s whine
Want to be young again so the vicissitudes of life would be inconsequential to my glee
Fiddle with sand and stones unworried about germs
So I can be free
I want to be a child again
Aren’t you itching to be like me?
I am so powerful, I have stopped many a sermon midway by a loud ululation
Better still a faked convulsion
I’m really bold, I contend fiercely with my father for my mother’s heart and beat him most times
Really the heartthrob of his lawfully-wedded wife that is why in most matrimonial causes, I take custody of my woman.
I’m a citizen yet, I’m hardly ever taxed
They use the pennies of tax payers to immunise and vaccinate me
Are they too empty-headed to understand that it is fraud and
Unfair  enjoyment of the common good?
Callous adults, they deny me of suffrage
Under the excuse of ‘you are too young, dear’
Yet they preach human rights
While being in great violation of same
Poor adults, they eat 3 times daily
I’m so rich I am persuaded to drink milk as many times as I desire from  two large, well-rounded, non-synthetic tanks
Adults can be so hypocritical-the good and evil carry me up and smile in my face to court my parent’s favour
Yeye* people!-they think I’m too young to understand pretence
I’d say instead, they are too old to mask it
Never have to do anything for myself than tug at my parent’s clothes
Point to virtually everything that is and in a split second it becomes mine else my cries would break peace of the neighborhood
Kiss other children without fear of censure for fornication or ADULTery
I want to be a child again
Never needing to say or i missed my flight, appointment or date
I’m late for work, Honey, see you in the evening
Master of my own time, I am not obliged to be anywhere
Unperturbed by the correctness of my grammar, voice pitch or accent
Waste all my money, I mean why do I need to save when I would always get more whenever I wished
To obtain true freedom
Want to be a child again



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