Student Of The WeeK

She is Jumai Fabuyi of the Class of ’16, her close peeps call her Jay while others chose to call her “Fabulous”. Even with an English Degree, Law has always been her 1st Choice since she’s choosy with Career choices. She also would have loved to be an OAP in another clime.
Hobbies include sleeping,watching movies and driving. Her closest friend in the faculty is Wale Ajayi .
She has a big heart, and commands a sizeable number of close friends, Her crush is Dr. Oni because “he was very cool in her diploma days”,
Her favourite lecturer is Dr Jumoke Oduwole
Her least favourite is Dr. _____.
She,however believes that LSS should work on unifying and bringing everyone along. “There is a lot of segregation especially to the year1 Students, just because they are not wearing white and black”
She also think the blog is cool & all law students should visit it plus she blushed all through the interview
Admin Note::: Big ups to Temitope Odeyinka (Class of ’15), who is responsible for the entire interview.
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  1. She’s funny,she’s kind,she’s affevtionate,she scolds,she’s jovial,she knows exactly what to say to you, she’s crazy,she’s calm, we love her. I love u personally. Happy I met u

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