In The Rain —- Dosumu Temiloluwa

Heavy thuds on our badly fitted iron roofing sheets
Peals of thunder and terrifying lightning
Methinks someone is using a giant camera to capture the entire human race-
Gazillion megapixels
Looking across the dimly-lit room
My eyes caught mama’s
hers fixated on mine
her jaw dropping in anguish
eyelids unblinking
Ye!we left the grain  uncovered at the farm
Before we manoeuvre out of out our mazy contraption
The rain as though eavesdropping on our decision to head to the granary
Hit us unawares in slant motions
Caning us,helpless we are
Mama’s earthenware spilling after many a  scooping
We need not go for a swim in the river
We are in it
The rain is come
And out we go
Thanks to Providence,we have no dwarf
Else he will have to learn the culture of fishes
Till help comes
Junior cuddles close for warmth
Pity him
I’m as cold as as bingo’s nose
Yet I offer him cold warmth nonetheless
By Temiloluwa Dosumu



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