Beauty Of the Week

Miss Modupe Diana Amure of the Class of ’17 have been inducted into our Law Stunner Series. Her nickname is Ms_charmerr,she loves to sing, dance, read (blogs most especially!), participate in intellectual discussions, hang out with friends and Pray , She also sells Beauty/Cosmetic products. Just incase anyone is interested)
~She believes every Individual that braces this earth does so for a purpose. In order for you to achieve that purpose you need to have a voice. She chose to study law as a platform for her voice to be heard in this generation and by God’s grace, the generations to come.
If not law,she would have studied psychology and this is because The totality of how the human mind operates intrigues her
She likes to go out sometimes and just chill with friends, and then other times “love to be alone and just do some thinking”. lol
She also models,mostly just her face,not runway cos she fnks she is short
And when asked about how she feels about the Current Administration and if she feels year 1 Students are left out
Here is her response :– “Hmmm.. Nah at all. I believe as year one students coming into the university for the first time (for most of us) we need time to properly integrate ourselves into the school system before we become active members of different organisations within the faculty. We need to get used to the lectures,lecturers and the school setting as a whole and most especially focus on building our G.P which is the main purpose of why we are in school.
Admins Note ::— So there you have it, any Student wishing to be inducted should send their details to the Official Mailbox
Courtesy Temitope Odeyinka


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