Some abbreviations which are not known to many of us

A message is circulating with the title “Some abbreviations which are not known to many of us”. It provides the following list:

  • NEWS: NORTH, EAST, WEST, SOUTH (Academic & Science » Geology)
  • CHESS: Chariot, Horse, Elephant, SoldierS *
  • COLD: Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (Medical » Physiology)
  • JOKE: Joy of Kids Entertainment *
  • AIM: Ambition In Mind *
  • DATE: Day And Time Evolution *
  • EAT: Energy And Taste *
  • TEA: Taste And Energy Admitted *
  • PEN: Power Enriched in Nib *
  • SMILE: Sweet Memories In Lip Expression *
  • BYE: Be with You Every-time *
    I did some digging to see if these are valid abbreviations. Turns out that the items marked with an asterisk were not authenticated by  and . In other words, only 2 “abbreviations” checked out. I’d love to know the origin of the rest of these abbreviations.
    Moral: Don’t get easily “impressed” or “fascinated” by the stuff you read on the internet.


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