Beauty Of The WeeK

Miss Nnanna Adaeze “Vanessa” of the Class of ’14 is the Beauty of the Week .
So here’s a quick bit about her
• She is studying law because thats all she’s always wanted to do & if not Law, she would have opted for English.
when asked about her career as a model,she simply described herself as a former model, who quit last year. She’s done jobs for Hennessy, Moet&Chandon, Baileys, Harp lime, Veuve Clicquot, Etisalat, Rhythm Unplugged etc. Vanessa has also tried her hand on various ushering jobs such as Gulder ultimate search unveiling party 2009 in Osun State, Hampers exhibition at the Oriental Hotel, 2012, MTN Project Fame, 2011, Cowbell annual general meetings, Knor Cubes Annual general meetings, etc. Then again, Vanessa didn’t start with ushering. She started with dancing as a cheerleader for Oando Sports festival in 2009. From there she was called to do a commercial for Yoyo Bitters and it was there she was introduced to modelling by a birthday mate she made friends with.
She appreciates beauty but doesn’t fall for it,she falls in love with personality&charisma.
When asked about her opinion of the blog, here is what she said “I think its a great avenue for law students to know one another because people tend to judge others by how they look but people are deeper than what meets the eye. I think its just splendid…keep up the good work!”
Her last words….“God bless us all in our endeavours!”
So There you have it Nnanna Adaeze popularly called “Vanessa”



  1. She’s cool….but for somone with that wealth of modelling experience, i wonder why she backed out

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