That Day with Seun Lari-Williams

Here’s the concluding part of the Exclusive Interview with President Seun Lari-Williams . If you missed the 1st part, Click HERE
Q~ So….did you start any relationship there?…or (cuts in)
A• yeah, I got close to one girl…she was my date for the Ball and that was it. Her name is Jenny, I don’t remember her surname and she’s from England (UK)
Q•One wonders if you would maintain the relationship??
A• Yes, she’s been in touch and apart from maintaining the relationship for any other reason, she’s got a wonderful project 4 young people in the UK and its definitely something I would like to be a part of . There is a pix of her where she dressed like a princess in a purple Gown.

Q• so what’s your Nigerian girlfriend’s opinion about such relationship???
A• (pause)….I don’t have a Nigerian girlfriend (laughter), I don’t have a girlfriend @ all, (good news 2 all ladies who have a crush, he is available), maybe when i leave school, i would think about having relationship, I think I’m Superman and supermen don’t have girlfriends because they are too busy, he has to be flying around, saving d world. (Laughs)
Q• most of the girls that have eyes on you wouldn’t really mind…….
A• (giggles)…Don’t mind them, they are not serious (laughter), they always say “My Husband” & I see them in their boyfriend’s car later (laughter) saying “Hi seun, bye-bye””
Q• But you are not serious, if you show enough serious, they will not enter the car again……
A• what do u mean “they”…..”Are you encouraging polygamy”???… (Laughter)…you keep saying “they, they”.
Q• so what was the most exciting event that happened @ Russia?
A• I’m ashamed to say it but it was the club, it was fun…yeah,a lot of  people had vodka inside of them &the truth was coming out, “Black Boy”,”Nigerian”,”I hate all Nigerians but I like you”, “you Seun are my friend”,(seun was pronounced like “sean”) , and I was like yeah, okay okay…..i was hearing the truth , then you see somebody else come saying Yeah!!!, “my people are racists but am not racist, but black people, they need to move forward, they keep asking for Aids, grants and the likes”. It was just amusing and a funny experience because it was almost as if it was artificial like God put something in them to just air their views. I heard a lot of things….some would say…, ooh…”the Nigerian is here”.
Q• I’m sure you didn’t feel bad about it??
A• No, it wasn’t a place to feel bad, it was a place to reflect….. Some of them said a lot of nasty things, but I didn’t mind because it was good to hear the truth, at least the truth of what they’ve heard, though not the truth in reality. it just gave me an assignment to come back and talk to people,  encourage them and let them know what the World thinks of us & and how we can work things out, how to make things better….better perception & I’m not talking about re-branding, it should be something from inside out, not just covering the surface. True change, true understanding of the need to change in itself &people should stop trying to make it look good, let’s be real.
Q• what would you want to be remembered for, as President of the Law Student Society, Unilag??
A•Well, I would like to start with what I  don’t want to be remembered for, even though they are important things, i don’t want to be remembered for somebody who just organize Annual lectures, seminars or put up a Statue for something or make a Website or buy Water dispenser, Television or Dstv, All those things are shallow, if i had my way, I won’t even worry about them at all, I would worry more about having us do some deep reflecting, deep thinking as to how we want to be better people who can contribute to the betterment of the society at large. This is because a lot of people don’t have understanding as to why some people want to go into Service. I am not doing this just because I want to be remembered as the guy who put DSTV at the lounge, I really just want people to know that this is someone who knows that Leadership takes sacrifice. The semester before i became President, I got a 4.4 GP & I have gotten a 5.0 before, and I knew that when i become President, i cannot get that anymore. Yes, to establish that fact, I got a 3.4 immediately after the 4.4. But I was happy still, at least people know that “He has gotten a 5.0 before” , so it’s easy to attribute the 3.4 to something else & of course, I’m certain I’ll  finish with a Good 2.1 because I’ve been getting high grades before I became president. But the thing is, People will see that “This guy actually felt safe 2 sacrifice it” & that’s how it should be, and I hope i make it in future so people will put everything together and be like: “so it’s true, This is Service and look at where he ended up “because right now, they are not sure yet, through service I was sent abroad, I’ve been given money by the school, I have met wonderful people. There are good things in it but I feel the only way you can actually serve well is not to expect those things, it will come but don’t expect it.
Q• How will the Upcoming Events Lined up affect the Academic calendar??…is it going to be Lecture-free or appeal will be made to students?
A• Luckily, The School recognizes us as Student Body of the Faculty, and in fact, because of us; they can postpone your examination. And we have what we call the Law Society week which is part of the time-table for years and we are allowed that time. However, we’ve found a way around it, we have events that will happen in the afternoon like the Kasunmu Annual Lecture, which is around 3.30pm &nobody has lectures by then.  The Olanipekun is not exactly for everybody until the Finals come. All the preliminaries; “you may or may not attend according to when you have your lectures”. In fact, When lectures are holding, we are sure that 500people are free (that’s how the Time-table is set up). So, any hall can be filled with 500 people on this campus except the Main Auditorium. So we are, with the right publicity, we will have our audience. Nobody is saying you have to miss lectures, everything is voluntary….we are not using the classrooms this semester or we are not likely to use it, which means you can go for your lectures. If your lecturer thinks, in his discretion, that he wants to miss a lecture….you can’t blame us, you can blame him.
Q• You spoke about your administration erasing the debts incurred by the previous administration and not planning to leave any. So here’s a two-pronged Question: can u shed more light on that revelation?? And how will the LSS finance all its Events, Programmes et Projects??
A• I saw it as a duty when i entered office that the priority should be leaving Minus to Plus which means paying off all our debts first. Bami (President of the last two previous administration) didn’t owe so much, neither did Boatman but the addition led to a bit of skyrocketed figure which we managed to pay up. As soon as we did that, we began by writing letters…Law Society has a good name, it’s not Seun Williams. A good name which past presidents had kept up, so we write Letters to some people and they sponsored it, from d website etc. Everything from the letterhead, and that’s the power.
Law society can be likened to a social enterprise, which is not exactly a business…It’s just finding a cause & raise awareness and Funds for it to be taken out. That’s exactly how i will describe it, it’s not a business, so we are not going to be raising funds through investing into some business & getting profits back, that concerns having long term plans, goals, partnerships &it will lose the essence i.e. the original reason for the establishment of the society.
We have Alumni’s interested in the welfare of Law Students and we write them letters & in fact within the faculty, (I don’t agree sponsoring has to do only with getting)  we have people who volunteer their time e.g. The Makoko Project has nothing to do with donations from outside, students inside are going to be donating money for it…Lots of students donate their time for things to happen & even without money, we would still organize Programmes, we can do a B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bottle) to an event and use our classrooms, have fun & go.
Apparently, we have letter-heads… so we write letters, whichever amount of money we get, we manage it and do something very good & if we can get more, we go for more.
Thank you & Thank God.
See Trip to Russia in Pictures ….
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