Joshua Omenga

Joshua Omenga

        It looms before all


      In sombre countenance


      The plaything of the aged…


      Now the young


      Embrace its cold touch


      Dear little one


      those sweet lullabies


      you were wont to hear


      by mama’s bed


      are not yours alone

We share all
Joy, sorrow; triumph, downfall
The glass do not freeze
In one longing mouth
While the other dries
The mouth which laughs
Shall weep also…
In this crossroads we have come
Which our wanderous feet
In life’s adventure, has journeyed
Alas, here Death
Stares us in the face
Like an Immigration officer
To usher us into nothingness…
Ah, dear one
Do not shrink back now
As in the days of yore
When you and I
Shrank from its mentioning;
When out of fear
We chose the faith of the fantasist
Who basks in the lie of immortality
We have seen it all
We have seen through the lies
We have seen through the fears
Now we know
The wraith of Death
Hovers over all
Waiting to extend its talons
To reap our wretched leftover…
May we cling to the faith of hypocrites?
May we continue on the blind alley
Where the truth does not stalk us
With the pains of reality?
The faith which moveth mountain
Moveth not Death…
Come then, be not afraid
For that death you dread
Brings relief to our sorrows
For here, we are like aliens
Treading with utmost care
Lest we break the rite o hospitality
Let Death smile now
For the cycles of lives it has broken;
Let its triumphant song peel
For the joys it has dampened…
But change cometh…
Yet dare we hope
Dare we wait
For the man on the white horse
On whose sword
Death perisheth?
Dare we entertain this faith?
Joshua Omenga


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  1. So breathtaking…
    So suspense-filled…
    Emotion re-awaking
    Indeed, I’m thrilled.
    My fellow bard Omenga, I must say here without fear that I had to read your poem three times to savour the emotional uprising and tremendous impulses pulsating through the lines.
    I see more reason to continue writing poetry as I have always done.
    Moreso, I have written very many verses on “Death”, it has remained one of my choicest themes.
    I still remember these lines of mine:
    “I do not fear Death even when it is at hand
    Because I do not fear what I don’t understand
    For I truly know my Redeemer is the King
    When He said: Death where is thine sting”

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