Student Of the Week — Temidayo Alade

He is Alade Temidayo Olawale, nicknamed Dayournair, and he is our Student of the week.
Q~Reasons for studying Law?
A~this is a question that do not have a straight answer and Well…let’s just say apart from the respect that comes with Law, it is something I’m passionate about..bearing in mind that it is an opportunity to add value and influence people positively…
If not Law,I would have studied Political Science or International Relations.
Dayournair speaks English,yoruba and pidgin english,used 2 learn french but stopped.
Q~how do you combine being a D.O.P of Taslim Elias Student Chambers and P.R.O of Mooting Society??
A~Well, I think its all about having a sense of commitment, having a well defined goal, and time-management
If you have a strong sense of determination to achieve excellence no matter what,that is a motivating factor
Dayournair is also a basketballer and a avid fashionister (infact, Temidayo recently won the Best-Dressed Award of the Class of ’15 at the Cultural Pride Awards)
Q~ Can u share your experience in holding 2 major posts in the Faculty?
A~I would never advise anybody to run for two positions in the Faculty, except you are just running for the name.
But if you are actually going there to work…please handle one at a time.
When i was going for the post, I thought i would be able to handle both with minimal effort, but the truth is it required more than i envisaged. The hardest part about it was the fact that i was trying to do both jobs very well,and trust me that was hard.
At the end I survived,however you need to remember school work is important..which is the major priority. in addition it has being time consuming
In the sense that it takes away almost all one’s free time….that are supposed to be reserved for friends and girlfriends.
Q~What are your hopes for the future??
A~ Basically, what the future holds for me in the immediate future at the Faculty is to attain new heights..overcome new challenges and influence Law students showing them that hard and intelligent work pays.
Q~Describe the love members have for Taslim Elias chambers?
A~ Well, Taslim is one chamber that we dare to call ourselves Family because the bond is there, and if u really have something you love, you would work hard to protect it and keep it successful.
Q~ What informs your dress sense??
A~ there’s nothing to it oo. I wash ,rinse&dry(laughs), It comes naturally because the truth is ..most people would judge you by your appearance first..and you never get two chances to make a first impression….
So it is always important for a good image to preceed you which will inspire confidence.
On the issue of having a girlfriend, Dayournair said its UNDER-G & coded so he won’t drive away prospective crushes.
In his words: ” I think the blog is a really good initiative…as it fosters positive relationship as a whole and gives people a reason to want to do better in anything they are involved in the Faculty and society at large”.
Temidayo Alade’s Words on Marble: “Never let what anybody says about you bring you down…only what God says about you matters”…


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