The Path Of A Law Student; A Bed Of Roses Indeed!!!

I remember when I was a child and I was watching a movie where the lawyer was the hero,there and then I decided that I wanted to be a Lawyer.I was a pupil in primary six and then our teachers would have to go through the burden of asking each of us,the pupils,what we wanted to be in life and then pretend to believe in us by smiling and saying we would all be what we want to be. I remember how I used to smile and shout “I want to be a Lawyer!” Funny,the teacher didn’t even bother to smile and tell me I would be a lawyer,she just moved on to the next pupil.
Nevertheless,I kept holding on to that dream,how naïve I was,thinking that all you have to do is say you want to be a lawyer and the magic word “abracadabra!”,you are a lawyer. It never crossed my mind even once,that I would have to work hard to earn this appellation called “Lawyer”.
Got to Secondary school,hated all science subjects because I felt I didn’t need it. It wasn’t that I was a dummy when it came to Science subjects or that I excelled in Art subjects either,it was just that I wanted to be a Lawyer so badly,I could not wait to drop all those science subjects and study Law.
By the special grace of God,I did not fail any of my subjects in Junior WAEC(except yoruba of course!) I moved on to Senior secondary school,where I had to pick my subject,this was the period of war with my dad,he wanted science,I wanted art,period! Who won?Him of course! But after all the tears I was able to feign (and also convince him that I would fail in science),he allowed me to study art. Now I could focus on my art subjects and not be forced to listen to my integrated science teacher blab on and on about his beloved science. I started out fine,or so I thought,when I saw my literature result,my jaw dropped,literally!! Believe me,this wasn’t in awe of how brillantly I did,it was in shock of how poorly I had performed,I mean how could I have gotten a C5 in literature and still say I want to be a lawyer. Thank God for my determined parents,who passed on a measure of their determination to me.
I continued reading,this time,harder! I have to be a lawyer,I just have to be a lawyer. I improved,the C5 moved up to a C4 (believe me,that’s an improvement). I started thinking of ways to build my CV,when I had not even written WAEC, not to talk of being an undergraduate. I decided that I wanted to be a Prefect,so that when I am a law student et lawyer,I would brag to my coursemates and ultimately my clients when practising that ‘Don’t you know that I was a Prefect in my Secondary school,I will win this case for you,trust me!” Funny how naïve I was then . But indeed I became a Prefect. Moved to SS3,wrote WAEC,thank God I passed(except yoruba again). Wrote JAMB too, though I was pretty sure I was going to faint there and then,but I didn’t. I passed again(this time,I didn’t fail yoruba,but that’s because I didn’t write it).
I have to admit,writing Post UTME in Unilag was not easy. I and my lovely Mum(whose strength I saw in full length that day),had to struggle so I wouldn’t be thrown out of the queue. Passed Post JAMB,still by the Special grace of God and hardwork(that means past questions,lots and lots of past questions).
Being in 100level was no mince meat, after facing the trials of registration everywhere (Multipurpose Hall,Senate building and then faculty) coupled with agony of Data-capture, I had to struggle with the hostel issue and still I got Honours,imagine that! Going for classes in every hall in school, that experience depleted a sizeable portion of my ‘pocket money’,not to talk of the continual trekking. I also had courses that I had to struggle with,like ENG 151 and ENG 152,another form of literature courses. We were even forced to study CSC 207,I remember wondering what computer had to do with law, there’s no remote correlation.
Now here I am,a 200level law student and proud to be one too, except for the existence of courses such as Law of Contract(shh,don’t tell Dr. Sanni). I also hate the 8’o clock classes, I mean, it’s not like we have constant water supply,imagine searching for water to bath at 6’o clock in the morning so that we don’t disobey Dr. Sanni’s rule “Get to class later than ten minutes past 8,don’t bother coming in!”.
Despite all the challenges,such as the ‘literatures’ and ‘Law of contracts’ of this world, I am a law student and I am loving it!
~~This autobiographically retrospective piece is courtesy AKPEVWE DJETORIE~~



  1. I visit this blog through the facebook link usually…. All i can say is : Okay, what next…cos i cant make head or tail wiv this…however its probably an eye opener to newbies

  2. Cool diary notes, i also admire ur sense of humor… A lil bit amateurish, but you can only get better

  3. Good job madam, it can only get better so don’t relent rather strive to polish this skill

  4. Well…u saw it coming.its a dream come true fr up d gud fyt…only those who fyt til d end shal b saved.nice write up!

  5. Irony @ play here ooo…. Wait, im i the only one seeing this?, the “write-up” doesn’t correlate with the comments, I comment my reserve sha.

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