“….. I’ve Loved U for a Thousand Years….” ..This was probably the 10th.. No… Around 20,I think, I was listening to this song in succession.
“WakeUp Smartass!!” ,my gregarious roomie, toyosi, screamed using her muscular hand to slap my back (hope she sees this) . I shrugged, hissed and fixed the earpiece deep into my small ears. She started ranting again “…dis one dat wants a 5.5 dis semester… She has 8o’clock class, 7:15 she’s still dreaming of Harry… “… I laughed (in my head “heheheh… This girl can talk for Africa”) . I still love her to comma level though.
I did my morning devotion and as the speedy babe I am, 15mins after that I was dressed up. Reminding myself that I’m not just *serious* but a lady, I borrowed Kehinde’s white powder and Debbie’s lipgloss. Looking fresh, i hoped, I began the journey to wherever the lecture hall was. I caught up with two short girls who are my coursemates -btw, we are freshman law students 🙂 . The shorter one, a really close friend also known as mz_9ce told a boring joke. As usual, I just put a straight face, telling her as harsh as I could be “If you ever go into comedy you’ll die a pauper”.
The day went by quickly and night came. Nights in this school are always crayyyy… (positively and negatively sha). I was back from fellowhip, pushed the door of my room with force (my usual style , “Damowlarrrr is back!”. The room was empty (almost) and all I could hear were sobs from the Scholar, my ever-smiling roomie…
I dropped my green bag, ran to her.. “Babe, what’s wrong…. ?” .She wiped her tears quickly and answered “Nuffin… Nuffin…”. She started crying again.. Trust me, a lawyer to be, I was determined to get the truth from her. Consoling her I pressed hard…
Then , she said “…. I killed him… *sobs*..” What!?….. “she continued sobbing “…. I’m pregnant…. I killed him.” . OMGeee.. She had aborted. Speechless, i just hugged her nd rubbed her back.. Still sobbing, she said “I killed Uncle Charles…” …. The baby already has a name? …Wait!.. Analysing quickly… She Is Pregnant.. She Killed Someone… Most Likely Not d Unborn baby…. I clicked! … Shet!… She had killed an adult humanbeing!. Fear enveloped me.. With a calm voice, I said “Calm down, calm down. What happened exactly?”
Immediately, Toyosi and some of my other roomies ran inside laughing about some coded ish…. …… …..
-Written by
Takuro Kehinde
Faculty of Law
100level (Class of ’17)



  1. mmm. a young storyteller. i think not enough people post stories and poems on this blog . i will say nothing about the writeup itself for i fear if i do i may revert back to my venomous spitfire critiquing. but i will say though that for effort at all you deserve a golden pen. do keep up the goodwork. most impressive indeed that u tot 2 write at a time like this wen ur peers are probably lookin 4 guys on bbm n twitter. mayhap theres hope 4 this generation afterall

  2. mayb i will say smth abt d writeup itself. u seem to have a grip on your suspence. but ur diction…oh ur diction. needs work

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