Student Of the Week – Omoleye Osinaike

We all know Omoleye Osinaike, most people call her “Leye”. She is studying Law because she wants to be the family lawyer to help out in the legal deals her family is involved in. They seem to have more of science students in her family, meaning she would be the first Law graduate.
Her hobbies includes Dancing, travelling, talking and hanging out with friends.

On her experience as an exco in LSS, she replied that she has held three differents posts and It was a good learning process. One learns how to balance academics with other responsibilities and prepares one for the outside world and future. In the end, One still needs to balance work, family and others later on.
She has served in the office of the Treasurer,financial secretary and Vice president of LSS, little wonder she’s called the mother of LSS. Leye retired as the longest serving exco. Adetayo Tolulope (Swaggertols) would beat that record if he remains in the next dispensation.
Her favourite position was serving as the financial secretary, and the administration was able to set a legacy that other presidents are now working on.
Her greatest achievement as Vice-president was getting the special students involved in LSS as opposed to just pretending they were not amongst us.
Asides that, she takes pride in the successes of the current Year2 (Class of ’16) students. Many of them are on 1st class with many testifying that it is as a result of the benefits reaped from the LSS tutorials.
Q: Your opinion on the current administration?
A: I must first say kudos to them because I can see they’re working so hard for the success of the society. They should however put the organisation of their programmes in place well, so a few excos won’t be over-burdened with the workload of all the programmes”
Q: So, what is your relationship with Seun Williams professionally & Socially? (rumours has it that you both dated)
A: Just friends,nothing more.
Q: your advice for the contestants of upcoming elections?
A: Do your thing, and have a good agenda for the people. Not everybody would support you in your pursuit (even the people you least expected) but don’t be discouraged. It’s not an easy task, however, God is there to always see us through.
Q: how can one balance academics and electoral positions
A: Well…that question is beyond anybody’s comprehension. Element of grace basically. When God chooses to bless you, no man can take you down
~~Her opinion on the blog~~
The idea of the blog is a good one. I like it! However, I think the committee should work on their editing better so as to avoid unnecessary typos.
Her last words: Thumbs up!! to you guys for the volunteering work…*applause*


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  1. Omoleye am sooo happy Ƒσя u,wish ya all d best and ℓ knw very well dat u will be a good lawyer .luv ya muchy,keep up tthe good work hun

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