Beauty Of the Week – Ngana Amaka Jennifer

She’s jovial, a great heart and a beautiful smile and rhythmic laughter (she laughs a lot)and most importantly beautiful. Well , that pretty sums up Ngana Amaka Jennifer. she has never had a nickname everyone seems to call her by her surname Ngana. A 200 level Law student (Class of ’16).She comes from a small family of five; parents and three kids with her being the last. She’s fair and of average height. She loves reading  books, drawing, dancing, watching movies especially action and comedy and she’s a huge sports fan especially athletics and football. She’s an outdoor person so she loves going out.
Amaka hopes to be a great author and lawyer someday and probably own a clothing line too. In her spare time she hangs out with friends. She loves rap music and would like to go on a stage nd perform some day. She likes smart and people that are honest with her. She dislikes proud people (people that brag a lot about what they have and stuff); She can’t stand them.
    When asked as to why she chose to study Law. She said “I’ve just always loved Law…I come from a family of lawyers so I guess I was kind of influenced by it. My cousin and uncle are SANs and own their chamber and another cousin of mine is a lawyer so law is kinda in the family”
       Asked about her faculty crush….she laughed and said “I don’t have a faculty crush” she is single too! (Guys hooting for Amaka! She’s single!!!!! U could try your luck *winks*).
       Her best and worst moments are “My best moments in the faculty are sports week, anytime they have events nd share food 😀 and when exams are over!!! My worst moments are exam period especially when I know I have to read for a course I haven’t read in a while”       
     Her favourite lecturers are Dr Odusote and Dr Abiola Sanni and her favourite course the Law of Contract
       What she feels about the blog “I think the blog is good,its creating an avenue for law students to post what they feel, write articles and let people see the gifted side of them and provides info for us”
         Her last words: “I’m Amaka Ngana and I hope to be a lawyer with a difference”
Interview Conducted by an equally stunning Jesyca Durotinu



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