At precisely twelve noon, I heard thelecturer say ‘stop’. At that point I knew there was nothing else to be written, since I was quite finished. I walked out of the Law Annex with a deep sigh of relief. Though I had already planned some activities to mark the end of the examinations, they did not go as planned. I guess things do not always happen the way you want it. I could not attend our class party @ THE PLACE. My plans to spend the rest of the day with my friends also fell through, thanks to my dad. Funmi slept till I left Kofo Hall that day and Tomi kept me company for a couple of hours. It was all fun and games till my dad called. Initially, I had sent him a message that I wanted to stay over in school with my friend. Unfortunately, my dad read it as ‘I’m going to sleep in my boyfriend’s house this night’. Speechless, I stared at the phone for some minutes before I finally picked the call as the good girl that I was.
Dad: Where are you?
Me: Daddy, I’m in my friend’s hostel at school
•Dad:Oyastart coming home now. Are you stupid? What’s the meaning of that message you sent?
I didn’t know whether to answer or not. I wondered if I typed the message in Spanish
Dad: Start coming home now, I’m waiting for you. And, if you like switch off your phone, I will be waiting for you.
I knew, then, that my fantasies for the day had just ended. I had no other choice but to pack up my bags and head to the house. For goodness sake, I’m an adult, Is it a crime that I’m his only girl? Why did I even pick his calls while having fun with my friends knowing well that he would ruin my day? Maybe I should start lying to him, as my friends say ‘some lies are necessary’. Can’t I just play the ‘unilag babe’ at least for my own freedom and then I might as well pay my school fees and buy those very expensive law books myself*rme*. Why is he doing this to me? Doesn’t he know that it hurts?
Well, you might say ‘Maltina cares sis’ but as much as I want to be free, I would not like to abuse it. I also know that all that my dad’s actions are for my well being. He doesn’t want me to make the mistakes he made as a teenager. Experience is not the best teacher but learning from other people’s mistakes is! He wants to raise a daughter he would be proud to show off. He wants the best for me. This reminds me that I have a purpose to fulfill in life which could only be achieved through dogged pursuit daily. I must be vision driven, as well. So, whether you are in this same situation or you have your freedom to yourself, you need to know that you cannot afford to lose focus, not now! Not ever! You’ve got to be the change you wish to see in the world. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything or anyone that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you. There’s nothing better than achieving what people think is impossible. I’ll leave you with these words to ponder on and make your decisions right.

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