I wan ask plenty questions
    So abeg make una answer the questionsWetin go happen if for my wedding I no serve food
    Shey people go yarn say I sell-fish or I rude
    Shey na crime if I no pay for service with okpo
    Or say because I be lawyer I go free-style slap mopo
    Wetin go xup if Okotie turn presido
    And Soyinka na the vice-presido
    Werrin go scatter if Hon. Patrick and Patience gbege
    And Asa decide sing reggae
    What if 2face tanda as ambassador for family planning
    And Majek Fashek oga against smoking
    Imagine say Niaja decide divide
    Or our present leaders kick cup kon go yonder side
    Wetin go se le if Banky W marry Rihanna
    And werrin go pai if them legalize gbana
    Shey school dey give pikin education or pally
    Abi Nigeria they give future to em people
    Shey dem dey tell old mama to close leg ni
    Abi u wan explain to accountant the meaning of money
    E don tay yansh dey back
    For here na scratch me make I scratch your back
    Wetin go kpeme if naija no corrupt
    And our oga for top feel the pain of us for bottom
    Abi Jesus no be Christian
    Shey una never tire for prayers for top of mountain
    What if politician when promise security come begin share gun
    And for say him wan give light share oil-lantern
    Shey mad man dey know say him don kolo
    Abi na stupidity to dey under malu dey do follow follow
    Pikin when no know e mama boyfriend go call am uncle
    But say we wan chao goat no mean say make we call am uncle
    Say person ugly no mean say make e enter Mr Biggs order rubbish
    And say citizens turn olele no mean say make leaders be rubbish


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