Forward ever, backward neverI have moved on with my life
    Though abandoned but I did survive
    I don’t care the reason whatever
    I have resolved and it is over!
    I have made up my mind
    Not to return despite the wind
    But it draws me back
    Pleasures now regrets forever
    Forward ever backward never.
    I have forgiven though,
    Why remind me of the hurts?
    I have suffered enough
    Never to return to my vomits
    Forward ever, backward omited.
    Laziness is over
    Creativity is unveiled
    Dependency is over
    Poverty is conquered
    Forward ever, backward never.
    I have a reason to smile
    All the reasons to love again
    Hope is alive and hard work is mine
    Cos when I am through I am stronger again.
    Forward ever, forward forever!


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