1. I find the poster of the so called ‘Career fair’ insulting to the personality of Dr. Omo-Eboh because, I know of a fact that he is senior to Michael Orimobi at the Bar and we all know that, the issue of ‘seniority’ has a special place in the Nigerian Legal profession, more so, he has been a poised supporter of LSS since its resuscitation, we should not take his simplicity for granted and such an act should be condemned by all who know of Dr. Omo-Eboh’s commitment to all LSS programme since its inception.
    On the other hand, the use of the phrase ‘CAREER FAIR’ to me is misplaced, because to my mind when you talk about fair, you must be referring to some sort of buying and selling, and I don’t think the LSS ‘CAREERS DAY’ as it used to be, is a day for ‘buying and selling’,rather is it a day for students to gain wealth of knowledge from various branches of law inorder to help them make an informed choice on their career path, the fact that some people are using ‘CAREER FAIR’ should not make us to fall into same error they have falling into or better still, may be theirs involve some sort of buying and selling which make them tagged it a ‘fair’.
    I owe the LSS an obligatory duty to ensure that its image and programmes do not send the wrong signal to the public, this obligation devolves on me by virtue of my position as its past President.
    So I will advise the LSS Executives and all stakeholders to be weary of what they copy because the fact that something is in use does not make it right and for them to treat those who have over the years shown unwavering support to the LSS with highest respect which indeed deserve.

  2. Mr Bamisaye, you’ve written so much without actually dropping something of significance. I have heard so much about you(mixed views tho), and I believe this is not the time neither is it a good medium to address certain misconceptions.
    However, I would beseech on you to seek relevance elsewhere Sir, @ best… I will advise you to leave toys for babies. Bye

  3. My attention is drawn to the comment on the post, and I feel its necessary we educate ourselves on some ignorance. Afterall …. There is no perfect person.
    You informed us you are a former President of the Society, so one would expect you to know some certain things. I took the liberty of surfing the web to fulfil my initial convictions.
    Did you even bother to check the meaning of “career fair” online? Or you were too in a hurry to announce yourself instead of quietly consulting a search engine.
    The links above shows the same event in world-Class universities. Infact, a search of the word online will leave you spellbound.
    As for your 1st complaint, its a poster bro … Not an indication of what will happen on the day, nd since when did alignment of pictures mean seniority (Audu maikori who is in entertainment law is 1st dere sef). SMH!!

  4. LMAO!!!! … See finishing, tbh .. I also took a quick peek @ google and my doubts were cleared.
    As for the Poster, I fily fink its cool … Bamisaye should understand the its d work of a printer (which is on point btw) , and not that the current leadership of LSS scrolled to corel draw on a laptop. I am unsure as to what Mr bamisaye is not satisfied with, buh then … He’s well within his rights to speak out on tins that matter (irrespective as to motive or intent). I also recognise he was in d same shoes before, so one would expect him to contact an exco about his grievances, instead of this public mud-slinging which has sadly backfired. Hehe
    Oga …. Just Chill

  5. @ Tolani,this is not how u answer our- own Mr Bamisheye(one of our LSS past presidents)! He was one of the pillars in the history of LSS! He raised some brilliant issues which I think should be looked into! To remind u,LSS is for law students society and by virtue and status of the post he held in LSS,he has every right to contribute his well of wisdom into the society! I totally support his view! If people are not talking does not mean some can’t talk! He raised some vital issues which I equally urge the current excos to address!

  6. An asinine lapdog comes to his master’s defence, Mr Bright … It wud seem untoward to be trading invectives/insults on this hallowed blog…. So let’s not attempt it.
    How else would I respond to a defective critique, surely he forgot to do his homework… The issues which were “supposedly” brilliant have been fully dissected. His record as an ex-president is not in doubt…so chill. (He’s respected in his own right)
    You say you support his view? …but come again… Is there really a view bin espoused by him here?
    Food For thought : .Some people bring
    happiness wherever they go; while some, bring happiness whenever they go.

  7. THOMAS JEFFERSON once said “THAT EVERYONE WHO VALUES THE LIBERTY OF CONSCIENCE FOR HIMSELF SHOULD NOT RESIST THE INVASION OF IT IN THE CASE OF OTHERS” On the premise of this quote I believe lawyers and lawyers at equity are observers and respecters of the law and human rights. And I know it for certain that the right to hold and express opinions is a constitutionally recognized right. Also, I believe this blog is a fora for the expression of views and opinions in relation to happenings in the society, UNILAG, the faculty, and our dear society. Therefore, I humbly think that that constructive criticism as opposed to malicious or “insulting” criticism should be made and embraced by us as law students. Against this background, I think the direct and immediate response to the expressed views of Mr Bamisaye on this issue is not the best, and therefore unwarranted, especially when you consider the fact that Mr.Bamisaye was a former elder stateman of our noble Lss.

  8. I guess this platform is created for a purpose! I believe this blog is not meant for a malicious tendency! Please,let’s put aside sentiment,animosity,hostility ,personal vendetta and our political acrimony and talk like learning colleagues! We can’t afford to use this platform to cast aspersions on one another if not this blog will lose its focus! By virtue of being a law student,everyone has right to express his/her opinion without malice! Please, Tolani be mindful of your choice of words here and let’s move this noble society forward! I rest my case.

  9. A bit surprised at the Mr Awoyele Olutayo’s comment. I would have attested to his knowledge of the English language but with this (his comment), I beg to hold my reservations…how would one call the use of “so called career fair” (in the contest it was used) a constructive criticism?
    I believe Mr Bamisaye (with all due respect) made a mistake by “correcting” (if it really was a correction) the LSS in such a manner. By “virtue of his position as the PAST president” it can be presumed that he should have the contact of the new executives and therefore could have contacted them personally… This medium makes it seem like our highly respected PAST president is seeking relevance and publicity (which I strongly believe is not the case)

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