Beauty Of the Week – Opeyemi Sodipe

To all the elegant girls in the faculty, we see you! Just keep calm , you might just be the next beauty. OpeThis week’s beauty  is not just another pretty face, shez got one of the hottest bods in the faculty! A sense of style and humour. Our beauty this week is from the class of ’16, her name is Opeyemi Sodipe, she has no nicknames. People just call her by her other name Moyo or the short form of her name Ope. Ope hails from  ogun state and has four siblings, three from her mother. She is the second born of her mother and the only girl in the family (only girls rock, don’t we!)
Describing  herself in a few words she said
“I’m decisive,daring and determined”
This daring young lady loves dancing and playing volleyball.
Asides being a law student Moyo is into makeup modelling and she totally loves her job!
•This beauty’s favourite course is constututional law and her favourite lecture is Dr. Odusote
Moyo’s best friends in the faculty are Keji and Funbi
On this beauty’s role model?
•”My mother, she is someone I look up to in every aspect of life”
Moyo loves hilarious people, people who make her laugh are just her favourite kind of people. She dislikes  sluggish people.
Guys sure you are guessing if this beauty is single or not. Weeelllll Moyo is in a relationship and she has no crush in the faculty.
•On How this Diva copes with male attraction, she said “Well I have a lot of male friends but the important thing is that they know their limit! “
•Why Ope choose to study law
“I chose to study law because my mum is a lawyer and I see the way she is respected in the society and the way she deals with problems. That actually motivated me to studying law if not law Hmm let’s see creative art”
•The  craziest thing this babe have ever done:
“Haha I have done a lot of crazy things to even remember the craziest I have done…Lol,  I think the craziest so far was when I threw Eba on the head of my mum’s visitor from the balcony” (Jeeeez…such a meanie!)
Ope loves guys that are intelligent,neat, cute and hot. She doesn’t like cunning guys
•On what clicks for this beauty  when it comes to fashion, she simply said
“Bags and rings” (For realzzz????)
•Ope’s Happiest moment is yet to come and her
Saddest moment was when her mum had a fracture
•This Diva’s desire for the future is
“To be a great actress, married to a God fearing man with lovely kids”
She doesn’t intend to practice law
And our favourite question, Moyo’s  opinion about the blog
“It’s really a good site because of the information it diseminates  to the members of the faculty”

    To end this interview remember
    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty.      of their dreams.”
    Eleanor Roosevelt

    Interview courtesy Olamide Abe

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