Prince of Thorns – Author Pendragon

    My mind is a broken empire.
    A place of dark reaches and jagged spires
    Smoky skies that shroud red raindrops
    Blood spattered mud and admidst it remnants of lifeThe bones and tendons mixed in the bloody marsh
    Making a macabre soup
    If you would reach my dark throne
    The heart of my kingdom
    In the darkest reaches of a chaos ridden valley
    Thou must trudge between filth and gore.
    face wuthering heights, confront treacherous slopes and heartless peaks
    and when you arrive it aint no eden.
    Tis a place grim and unsmiling
    stern and compassionless
    Abscent of scented roses and perfumed lilacs
    a place of withering vines and fastidious thorns
    Trudge into my throne room where I sit if thou art bold
    tis a place of dark splendour and twisted beauty
    Pearls and diamonds do not adorn my halls
    Nor do red tapestries and rich marbles
    Instead you will find
    Teeth and claw of vanquished monsters that dared to climb Into my cruel demesne
    Only to find it a crueler, darker place than the jungle they formerly thrived in
    ‘Its levels to this shit’ they say
    You will find the wings of a dragon draped on my back
    A leathery cape and momento of past times
    You will find
    The silvery sword of a prince
    Ornate and out of place on my shadowed palace
    A momento of past times
    You will find a dripping pen, ink crimson
    A cold promise to the world I intend to rewrite its history
    In blooded parchment, and fire and tempered steel
    Theres something beautifull about a rusted sword this one lacks
    Theres something beautifull about drapes ringed with cobwebs my hall posesses
    Beauty in peeling paint and tattared drapes
    Beauty and glitter at the heart of darkness
    A beauty all posess but most deny
    A beauty they seek to squash and stampede
    Here I excel
    Because I was not afraid to embrace the dark and make it my home
    Because I fully relished the dark fruit
    Its amber juices running down my lips as I bit deep into it.
    I sit now
    On a throne made of doggedness and of rusted metals repolished
    Wearing a crown made of pain and passion
    Forged in the furnaces of hell
    I rule the darkness
    I tell you that you cannot rule until your imperfections are perfect
    And you cannot see light until you have resided in the belly of the whale
    Tasted the slime of slippery entrails as Jonah did
    And you curious journeyman
    In search of a new home
    Tenacious sightseer and would be tourist
    Questing damsel in search of her chosen prince
    I hope you have the inner light one must have to glimpse the beauty shrouded in the dark
    The touch to feel and sift the jewels from the rocks in the muck
    And the ear to hear the cry of the baby in the trash.
    If you do then welcome in
    I hope you find what you find to your liking


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