Get Familiar – The Bridge Program

The Mission
The Bridge seeks to groom, empower and inspire young adult to strive for excellence and achieve self-actualisation. The program is positioned to help participants attain global professional competency, become contenders for top-notch job opportunities and leadership roles and become entrepreneurs that create job in their communities.
The Program
We intend to capture the attention of these potential young leaders early to prevent development of misconceptions about career paths, lack of experience and professional refinement or limitations on creativity. Hence, our target audience are recent secondary school graduates or first and second year university students.
The process starts with us selecting 12 potential young leaders who have gone through our rigorous application process. These 12 will participate in an intensive yet engaging 4-week day camp.
General Instructions for application to the bridge program
Application forms should be submitted to the Law Society Office, faculty of law (Unilag).


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