Personality Of the Week – Oreoluwa Faith Adenodi

Her name is Oreoluwa Faith Adenodi and she is a 200 level student of the faculty.Tall and cute, she loves to cook and also make friends. Her idea of having fun is listening to music. She is lovable and always full of smiles. Established her presence in the faculty through her burger business and a few of those who patronize her can testify!!
Getting inspiration from her parents and those who were willing to help, the business although time consuming has been interesting and for those who care to know, she makes between 10,000 and 15,000 every day. She has been able to strike a balance between her academics and her business by identifying her strengths weaknesses and utilizing them to achieve positive results.
She has proved that irrespective of class or position, you can always achieve your goals, be financially independent and keep your grades up.
Just in case you discover yourself loving up after tasting her product, try and be as handsome as John Dumelo as going through her phone will tell you she has a very huge crush on the guy. So you can join the queue of her admirers or move on unless except you want free burger (yeah, she gives free burger 😉
So if you have an idea you’ve been pondering on, it’s time to get up and start doing something about it because according to Ore, ”life is short and it’s important to make do of the little time you have”

    Interview courtesy Yode Ibikunle

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  1. ‘for those who care to know, she makes between 10,000 and
    15,000 every day.’ that was a tad unnecessary. ain’t nobody heard the drake line rich enough that I don’t have to tell em that I’m rich? also its a tad unsafe to make so public with your finances…just advice. srzly tho, real gees move in silence.
    ‘yeah, she gives free burger.’ lol I can attest to that *grin*

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