A sorry situation, a sordid sight, an appalling aberration, a deplorable despicable debacle… It was heart wrenching news to hear that over two hundred girls had been abducted from their school, their school, the one place where they were offered hope, hope that in this hard and demanding world, as they teeter precipitously at the edge of puberty, upon the brink of womanhood there could be some sort of future for them, some sort of fulfillment, a chance at an opportunity to dream. But still… in this theatre of dreams the steady rhythm of fate’s drums abruptly changed into the violent percussion of a nightmare!
Radios were tuned, antennas were repositioned, a whole nation cocked its ear to hear better, blinked repeatedly to see better, folded arms and hung heads in shame and bitter disappointment … their eyes had seen their ears. One report and then another, one sighting before the other, news and tales, fables and rumours, the nation held its breath in hopeful despair. Till the first lady reminded us tearfully, that with Patience comes humour and a hope that there is God o; even those that bear ‘luck’ might desperately lack it.
Somewhere in the nation… in the most famed and populous city in the country, in the University of First Choice, the students of the Faculty of Law stood up! With one heart, one voice, one song, one chant, one demand, one grief, one pain and two colours! To say enough is enough! To join voices with the rest .
In the absence of customary weeping sisters (seeing as they all have been abducted), men were forced to take on the role…

The very agitated were verbose and vociferous

And the rest were somber, singing songs and flaunting placards!

An originally conservative group of legal minds were forced to tear off the wig of conservative erudition and the gown of exalted Puritanism, to fold their sleeves a run through the rubble crying shame on all those who would not bring back our girls… by commission or omission!
By Jones Romijaran Ayuwo (Class of ’16)
P.R.O – Taslim Elias Chambers

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