Beauty Of the Week – Alade Oluwakorede Susan

From Law class of ’17 comes another show-stopper, jaw opener, ache remover, eye opener; her name is Alade Oluwakorede Susan. Korede who is fondly called “Korex B” and “cupcake” was born on the 9th of December.

She is the second/last born of her family. Cupcake likes to sing a lot, dance too (tho she claims she’s not much of a good dancer), she also reads a lot- not just school books.
•Korede loves gisting (don’t all girls) and plays the guitar and keyboard in her leisure time (all rounder of life). Plus she laughs a lot- ‘I noticed’ :D.
This beauty dislikes liars, pretenders, dirtyness and unseriousness.  
Reason for studying law: I want to become a business lawyer. Law is a professional and challenging course and I love challenges. And being a lawyer is just amazing, its a job of class and respect (Shey! Na so).If not law, she would have opted for international relations or mass comm.
Unfortunately, this damsel does not have any crush in law, but she has crushes on guys in engineering (why do those boys always take our girls). 🙁
Good news though, she’s still single so feel free to approach. 😀  
Most embarrassing moment: One evening , when I was strolling with my sister, I fell into a ditch while trying to catwalk and form big girl for some so called big boys in my estate. It was so embarrassing. My shakara stopped on that day. :O 😀  
Philosophy of life: »»

    Anywhere you go in life, be yourself, don’t try to be someone else.

Opinion about the blog: Its a really nice means for students to connect outside the classroom and its a really interesting blog coz
I follow it every week (Awwwwww. Thanks) 😀

    Interview courtesy Yetunde Mya Akanbi

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