Loving Him and His Passion for Soccer

Soccer, but football as we call it, is one of the sports men love to watch and play. They love football so much that they can go extra mile for it. You wonder why a man would spend so much time in front of the tvwatching football games and would sleep off during other tv programs. I know it is not all men that are like that but majority of men are. Men can do anything for football, they are really passionate about this sport. I mean, you see men driving like the devil is on their tails to go watch their favourite football clubs play. Some even get into a fight that end their lives or makes them handicaps just because they felt they needed to defend their favourite players.
Like good therapy, football is a good way of relieving stress; either by watching or playing it. Football is a pleasant diversion and distraction from dull routines. It is not only for entertainment; football can also be used to meet deep psychological and social needs like creating emotional bonding between two people (or more). For some males, sports related stuffs is the one arena they consistently feel closeness with their fathers, friends, co-workers etc.
The game of football appeals to men’s territorial instincts. The battle on the field for power, control and dominance is alluring to them. According to Alderman Bob of TheoCentric, a power struggle takes place on a field and the players understand this the moment they step out on to the turf. It’s going to bring forth, in much more clarity, a man’s egostic nature than in any other social setting. In a nutshell, soccer is a reflection of a man’s ego.
Men are addictive to the sport and there is nothing we women can do about it. Cut the cables off or do something to the TV and you’ll have them streaming the game online, thanks to modern day technology. They would also run to viewing centres to watch the game with their buddies or even with strangers. Men can do anything to watch soccer, so don’t sweat it.
Guys, we can’t change your love for soccer but you can help us love it; if not love it, at least endure it. I think men should take the pain in teaching us the rules of the game, explain the basics. Until we get the rules and basic guides to the game, all we will see on the TV are a bunch of sweaty guys running after a ball.
We can’t tell Messi from januzaj, so tell us who is who with interesting facts too. Make this sport sound like it is as exciting as the fashion tv or food network or Telemundo we love. Get interested in other things that we women love too; if I can stand 90minutes of soccer time with you, then you should stand 30 minutes of keeping up with the kardashian with me. Make it fun by placing bets on what team will win or not and buy her favourite snack to go with it. It’s a good time to bond with the men, so teach us to love the game. While most women will shake their heads and disagree, it is always best to watch his favourite football club play with him. Is it not better to have fun with him at home than have him go to outside where he can be hurt or meet another girl that loves the game as much as he does? Follow him to the field when he wants to play and cheer him up. Scream loud and let him know you want him to win.
When championship league is over, you can always get him to discuss what he missed about the league with you. Buy him the latest video game and learn to play the game too. He knows he is getting all the ass whooping at home so why stay out for long, after all his heart will be where his treasure lies. If he has everything at home, there’s no need for him stay out late. When we are mixing things up, be patient enough to help us to understand how the game is being played. Teach us the do’s and donts of football and watch us love it more than you do. For the best of times with your boo, love him and love his ‘affection’ for the game too.

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