State of the Faculty (Week 10)- Haliart


•Vox populi- Law students lend their voice to the ongoing BringBackOurGirls campaign
•Chambers had their respective meetings
•Clasfon held a prayer service
•Tax club and Oil and Gas bar had their meetings
•Happy Birthday to the HOC of JKE chamber- Uduak and Timi Oyewo
•JOC Dinner extraordinaire
•TEC Manifesto on legal reforms and education
•GFC Symposium on corruption
•JKEC Spectaculum
LSS;¤ If not law
¤Career fair
¤Laws got talent
•Finals of the inter-chamber moot competition(TEC and JOC go head-to-head)
•Moot society interview held and I heard it was like interviewing for a job at Banwo &Ighodalo.
•Year 4 had a tax test on saturday


•They’ve started taking the light in school again and its not funny.
•Can the lounge ceiling be fixed, law students wear white and we are too tush to be swerving from rain water

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