Come! let me decieve you
    With gown and beret
    Of innocence like born-again christiansCome!
    ‘Cos I’m at the point
    Where the three eyed owl
    Will narrate the happenings
    At the carnival of follies in
    The land of the snakes
    Where president of my state was
    A comical cowboy
    I was there as well
    So intoxicated with
    The beer brewed from
    Sweat of grasses and
    Tears of insects and
    Yes, I was There so intoxicated
    I told Mrs. History:
    “Excuse me dance.”
    She vexed
    She was more than sixty
    She told me how she first mothered me
    In 1343
    Being a spoilt prince
    Who played with limousines
    As toys in 1343
    Who gambled with golds
    At gladiators den in 1343
    Who loved to rinse his hands
    In fountain of liquors
    After meal after meal in 1343
    Mrs. History vexed and reminded me
    How I loved to sit on air
    For air were growing as trees
    In 1343
    She reminded me
    How I loved to sit on air
    And watch the rivers turn grey in the morning
    And indigo in the evening
    Then black at night in 1343
    She reminded me of how
    I used to reach for heaven with ladder I borrowed
    From Mr. Horrock
    As to break block and lick it
    Heaven used to be glacier
    In 1343
    So before you get carried away by this tale
    Don’t forget this tale is titled
    “A Tale of Nonsense”
    In case you want to tell someone else.

BY Samuel C. Enunwa aka samueldpoetry

#Anticipate – Law Gots Talent

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