Student Of the Week – Moshood Abass Oladunni

In the spirit of brotherliness (i know this word exists not,it’s just for effect),this interview was conceived to bridge d gap between the junior and senior citizens, especially since it’s mostly the junior citizens that get showcased on thr blog. This interviewee who is a senior citizen didn’t even know we had a LSS blog.
So for the benefit of those who don’t know what I mean by junior and senior citizens;because it has nothing to do with credit standing or status,it simply connotes younger or older respectively. And please don’t get legalistic on me and say what or who is young or old is subjective and based on the test of a reasonable man-this is NOT tort.
With that being said,the interviewee is a student extraordinaire because it’s almost unforgiveable to not know this man particularly for those in class of ’15. He always asks questions in class,at least one per class. And his questions are usually well coated since the dean hasn’t had cause to purge him of his ignorance,yet.
His names are “Moshood Abass Oladunni”,he’s from Osun state and he was born over four decades ago. Married to one wife with numerous concubines (single ladies beware). He has a reasonable number of children but “unfortunately” one boy – unfortunately? And he’s doing gender oo,Prof. Agomo is sha watching.
For those of us who didn’t know,Mr Abass has quite an extensive education,he has a degree in political science from U.I,he did various professional courses before going on to police college. On why he chose to study law,Mr Abass had this to say “I want to study law so that it can broaden my knowledge of law,so that as a law enforcement personnel,I will not go outside the rule of law when I’m enforcing the law…that is why ‘most’ policemen do some things that are not lawful”. I then quickly used this opportunity to ask him if he’s ever done anything unlawful and shockingly he said he doesn’t know as no one has ever complained of his actions (when you steal meat from your mum’s pot of stew will you say you didn’t know you stole because she didnt complain?)
Moving on,Mr Abass faces numerous challenges being a law student;finance (he had to take a study leave),distance (he comes from Akute everyday),even learning (its been a while he’s done this you know).
In the midst of the fun,laughter and all,I just had to ask him this question and that’s WHY does he ALWAYS have to ask questions in class?! Is it because he genuinely doesn’t understand or because he just likes hearing his own voice? Anyway,he said one of the reasons was so as to “merge and adapt into the system” I.e to break age barriers. Another reason is so that the lecturer can clear any ‘ambiguity’ that arises (yea right).
•All work and no play makes jack -in this case Mr Abass- a dull man.And so Mr Abass likes to relax by sitting in his “agbantara” (a chair designed for elderly people) to receive fresh air, he also likes palm wine,pounded yam and efo riro.But when he wants to do some ‘extraordinary jobs’ he swaps the palm wine for Baileys, (don’t ask me what ‘ extraordinary job’ is because he did not tell me.)
Then we talked about what he does and does not like about the faculty. He likes numerous things about the faculty,but about what he does not like,he was specific,and he had the kind of pained expression Dr Oni has when no one has any question for him after a sweaty lecture. In fact Mr Abass categorically requested that I quote him “the degree of maintenance of property in the faculty I think is below expectation,an incident happened to me while we were in yr.2 and it’s highly disgusting. ..” he then went on to narrate how ceiling fan,ceiling fan oo,fell directly on his head and even injured the honourable sitting next to him,it was during constitutional law class. He even wanted to take the university and faculty up under occupiers liability but he decided against it.He also mentioned the oven conditions of the classrooms (Dr.Oni and Prof Abugu are witnesses) but thanks to the newly installed fans in law annexe,there’s minute relief – LSS is working,faculty is moving.
On Mr Abass’ favourite lecturer,he really doesn’t have one but he trips for the DEAN,the ignorance purging Prof Smith himself. He’s favourite courses are contract and land law,I wonder if land law will still be on the list after this semesters result.
To end the interview,Mr Abass and I played a quick pick game and he picked his mother over his wife,he’s even ready to leave his wife if his mother so orders (Mrs Abass,beware!). And by the way,Mr Abass had to constantly rub my inexperience due to my age in,every single time.
•Now to more serious issues,it was really nice and eye-opening to interview Mr Abass not just because he’s humorous but he also epitomises a never-say-never,never-say-die spirit. It takes guts,sacrifice and determination to do what Mr Abass is doing (and he’s also on a flexible 2:1) i.e to never stop dreaming and to reach for those dreams. For this man,it’s not just about having a law degree so he can be hailed ‘d law’,it’s about making a difference in and for himself and also in the profession he’s already in. His story screams it loudly that it’s never too late to start dreaming,we don’t need a C.S Lewis to tell us that,the life our very own Mr Abass already does.
So whoever you are and whatever you’re doing ‘quit flying,start soaring’.
P.s: Mr Abass’ nickname is original omo oko (original bush man).Who ever thought of that name?

    Mr Abass interviewed by Olutosin Oreoluwa for LSS blog.

ADMIN’s Note : On behalf of the committee, we welcome Tosin Olukoga Oreoluwa to the Blog committee. Cool Stuff!

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