Essence – Oluwaseyi Gideon-Abidoye

    Standing in the midst of quests?
    I asked the inner voice again,
    But their was or rather there isToo much noise mixed with genuine
    But questionable intent…
    Yet, the deeper I tried to search,
    The more questions arise
    From a parade, a rather negative
    Cloud of incomprehensible show,
    Lost? I think so…
    Where is the spirit of humanity,
    The very common ground that
    Binds our existence as living beings?
    We have abandoned reasoning for interest
    And have thrown caution, justice to the wind.
    Deep in the abyss of our sufferings
    Shame and pain, we have refuse to see
    Our common essence and posterity.
    Survival atop everyone’s mind?
    But how do we survive without our essence?

Oluwaseyi Gideon-Abidoye


#Anticipate – Law Gots Talent

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