Musings @ LSS CAREER FAIR 2014 (My Review)

It was the 28th of May, a sunny day, the d-day for the most hyped program in the Faculty, the first of its kind organised by the Results team.9:00 – I got to the faculty and noticed a big white bus waiting to transport people to the venue (this made me anticipate the program even more).
11:00 – Okay, I have to confess that I got to the venue late (was forming fashionably late). I went into the beautifully decorated, fully air-conditioned Multi-purpose (Hall A) getting directions from ever smiling ushers. I saw Elizabeth and Temitope (VP & PRO) …hmm… dressed to kill.
Back to the program, the first speaker Ms. Seun Fatumakin of Detail Law firm was addressing us on the job of solicitors. The well dressed lady (love her shoes) encouraged us to be solicitors and the benefits that accrue to us if we choose to be.
Dr. Akingbehin (representing the dean) and Dr. Chinwuba (HOD PPL) each gave their welcome address.
A representative of UKEAS came to talk to us about the option of studying abroad.
Mr Micheal Orimobi who was here last year came up to speak on investment banking and the capital market. Seems a lot of people were interested in this money-related aspect of law because a lot of questions arose. He has sure grown fatter, looks like the capital market and corporate finance industry is doing him good.
The next speaker Mr. Shina Olumide of Ikeyi&Arifayan spoke about the 4’D’s for career success- Decision, Determination, Discipline and Diligence.
¤Quotes I loved from his presentation;

    ‘I’m not out there sweating for three hours every day just to find out what it feels like to sweat’- Michael Jordan.

    ‘When you’re not out there practising,remember someone out there is practising and when you meet, he will win’-Ed Macaulay.

Did I mention that coffee and sandwich went round (yummy, considering I had not eaten breakfast). 😀
Dr. Omogbai Omo-Eboh came up next after the reading of his beautiful, enviable citation .He gave a brief advice to students and hyped UNILAG sufficiently (made my head swell).
Afterwards, there was a presentation of awards to the lecturers and invited guests (the awards were so cute!).
President Adetayo Tolulope (Swaggertols) came up to give his vote of thanks/closing remarks to conclude the first session of the fair. He was so passionate?! Kudos to the comperes, Bimbo Johnson and Odeyemi Seun.

    ••Second session:

Shipping and maritime, Litigation, Real property, Intellectual property, Taxation, Commercial Law were the six divisions for this session. Students moved quite orderly to their preferred area. I went to the Intellectual Property group conducted by Mrs. Omoegun (not that I know what its about).
The other facilitators were
Asso. Prof Abiola Sanni (BOSS!!) – Tax law,
Harrison Emmanuel -Litigation, •Dr Omogbai Omo-Eboh -Shipping and maritime ,
Olaniwun Ajayi – Commercial law and
Dr Babatunde Oni – Real property law.
They all made beautiful and professional presentations. This session lasted for an hour. Before the end of the session, food and drinks were distributed (yay..Lunch!!!):D Okay, that should have been done at the end of the program because people took it as a cue to leave (nigerians and food). But as a good girl, I stayed o.
There was more presentation of awards, after which Dare Adeojo, our able Gen. Sec. took to the podium to give the closing remark. Oh, did I mention that. The program was done in conjunction with the MOOTING SOCIETY; I think that was why the moot president,Dare Amusan was called upon to say the closing prayers. To everyone’s surprise, he said a very *coughs* funny prayer. Did I hear him call the guests big fishes (lmao). This was something else….. So, the event ended at 3:47 pm. It was superb so we all lost track of the time (no after party???).
There were flaws but we’ll let them slide. Thumbs up to the LSS executives #Results and members of the Career Fair committee.

    Courtesy Yetunde ‘Mya’ Akanbi (Class of ’17)

#Anticipate – Law Gots Talent


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