Beauty Of the Week – Obioma Immaculata Isiwu

    ‘If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all’

This week, the blog presents to you Obioma Immaculata Isiwu. Popularly called Nma, the soft spoken MBGN Miss Toursim 2011 lets us into her world.
She is an indigene of Enugu State, Nsukka, to be exact. She is the fourth child out of seven children – “five sisters and one lovely brother”. Born in Kano State, raised in Port Harcourt, attended Federal Government Girls’ College Umuahia, Abia State, and now an undergraduate of the University of Lagos, this ‘Wazobian’ says she has seen the six geopolitical zones. (We couldn’t agree more!)
•On why she chose to study law, she says, ‘Since childhood, I have always wanted to be a lawyer. It started off with law themed TV shows and movies and as much interest grew I found my self questioning every law friend I knew. Before I knew it, my mind was made up and I made up my mind that one day I’d be a good lawyer’.
She is in her fourth year, so it is not surprising that her favourite course and lecturer are Land law and Dr Oni respectively. Her best friends in the faculty are Laide and Ngozi whom she describes as wonderful people.
Her hobbies include playing games, cooking and watching TV. Above all Nma values honesty and sincerity, she also enjoys hanging around funny people and she dislikes rudeness.
Interestingly, when asked about her relationship status, she says, ‘it’s personal’.

    ¤Here are her replies to some questions

•How did you feel after becoming MBGN tourism? – It was a mixed feeling, to be honest – a feeling of joy, accomplishment and that almost paralysing fear of the unknown. Lol.
It is, however, surprising that she never considered modelling. According to her, ‘I stumbled into it.’
•What was your Project as a beauty queen? I worked with an NGO, Stand Up to Cancer Nigeria. We carried out free breast screenings and awareness on radio stations.
•Why have you stayed ‘on a lowkey’ and how have you managed to stay Scandal Free?- Well, I won’t say ‘lowkey’, because, frankly I was still my self. It is in my nature to be calm, but I was very much aware of my new sense of responsibility. Scandal free? Lol. I will say it is God’s doing. Secondly, I am a very open person and I say what’s on my mind.
•Your best asset? My smile. I am not fully dressed without one.
•Your Beauty Secret? No beauty secret at all. My friends know me well. All it takes is cleanliness. Be clean and happy. Be beautiful.
•A Serenade or Financial Gifts? Lol… Financial gifts. (She is a practical girl)
She thinks the Blog is innovative (we are blushing) and her parting shot is ‘let’s be graceful in our speech.
Having opened this interview with her favourite quote, we are bringing it to a close with her advice to girls who want to contest in beauty pageants. ‘Basically, I advise anyone who dreams to contest to build an awesome level of self confidence and poise. Secondly, wear a smile always and treat others the way you want to be treated. Finally, pray always, there’s nothing more important than developing a strong relationship with God.

    Interview Courtesy Ayodele Kadiri (Editor Of Lex Observer)


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