Scuttled Hope – Muheez (@m_careca5)

    Usurped from birth,
    Disenfranchised in youth,
    Censored creativity,Calibrated impoverishment,
    Lethargic soul,
    Primed to self-destruct.
    I am the Nigerian youth.
    Dare I ask what my country can do for me?
    When she bleeds from incessant rape?
    Motherland wallows in throes of teething afflictions;
    She is five decades and three!
    Excellence grovels at the feet of mediocrity within the body-politic,
    Leadership breath stinks to high heaven.
    Housing for all were millennium yearnings,
    Still *Banana Islands are beyond our earnings.
    Deafening Unemployment!
    Scuttled Ambitions!
    Stifled Hope!
    The plight of millions in their prime,
    Yet the land is a charlatan’s feasting clime.
    Grunting and belaboured,
    She licks her wounds,
    The eyesores of her children’s profligacies.
    Foreign apothecaries,
    Claiming to heal my motherland,
    Draft policies and donate ‘aids’;
    Digging her grave even deeper,
    With lethal cocktails of financial prescriptions.

*Banana Island- a swanky, very upscale residential estate in the commercial capital of the country
Muheez (@m_careca5)

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