276 girls sitting in the forest somewhereGuns pointed at them by brainwashed thugs
    276 girls, day after day sitting and waiting
    Does anyone care?
    Their innocence taken, their hopes trampled on,
    And the silent screams of their parents’ agony
    Do not add up to a single headline
    276 girls, what is the world doing?
    Nothing is more important, nothing else does matter
    They are our children, our tomorrow, our future
    276 precious lives who are being thrown away
    Discarded, forgotten, like they never were there
    Are you tired of me counting the days?
    Are you tired of being reminded?
    276 girls withering in the forest somewhere
    Special forces sighted them
    Why are they not bringing them home?
    My heart is aching, I can not bear the thought
    Of yet another day without them
    Another day WITHOUT THEM!
    276 girls losing their lives in the forest somewhere
    Does anybody fucking care?


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