State of the faculty (Week 13) – Haliart


•Laws got Talent 2.0 – Although they started really late and there were some obvious flaws, the event was a success; thumbs up to the committee members (Did I see Esther shouting even with her Baby bump?) 😀 Congrats to the winners.
•GFC’s symposium on corruption was another success story (most of the invitees came); they even made it into three newspapers (Lord Henry got a copy of each, for bragging rights lol)
•Tax Club’s Tax tycoon was splendid (Uncle Abdul won the 100 grand and Ayo won 5,000- congrats to them)
•Clasfon had a final thanksgiving service and it was glorious
•On Friday, I was awakened by noise, I turned on my bed thinking it was the usual Man-o-war guys but this was different. The noise grew louder and I knew there was fire on the mountain_……. Okay, no need for story; we all know that there was a protest by students following the directive by the management that we pay 20,000 for late course reg and 600 for GST. Anyways, we won the fight and students turned the school gate to a dance hall.
•No Chamber meetings (when students are not smiling)
•The Lss is distributing file folders, feel free to walk into the office and request for one ONLY of you’ve paid your faculty dues ooo
•Twas Dr. Sanni’s birthday on thursday (my crush) ….also heard Tax Club excos gave him a pleasant surprise.
Law-in-Motion Programme For Year3-5 & The Bridge Program For Year1-2 #RESULTs 😀


•The law library was unusually half empty on friday because of the events that took place and the news of the postponement of exams
•Heard they chased students out of the faculty on friday and locked it up!!! (take a moment to reflect on this : do you really have to be uncouth to a lecturer to get your point across)
•We are almost rounding off the semester and it seems Moot society, Oil and Gas bar, ADR Society, the Senate and the Jurors have decided to keep a low profile or aren’t they in existence anymore? (Na joke oo :D)
• Is it true there won’t be parties on campus this week?? 🙁


  1. Haliart! Haliart!! Haliart!!! Funny though with lots of sarcasm. Actually we made it to six different newspapers excluding the TV stations but could only afford just three. Thank God for Campus Copy *winks* it can only be #GFSCUnilag!!! Hon Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour JSC CFR Moot Competition Finals 23th July 2014. Justice Rhodes-Vivour JSC CFR, Prof Itse E. Sagay SAN et al

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