Student Of the Week – Simisola Samuel

Welcome our student of the week,Lagos state born, 500level law student (Class of 14′)…Step forward, Simisola Samuel. Born into a family of 3, Simi as her friends call her is the first child of the family and was the former Financial Secretary and Protocol Officer of the Mooting Society. She loves reading, traveling,meeting people,learning new food recipes and shoe shopping.
Simi always wanted to study law and when asked why she had this to say :
“I kinda always felt law suited my personality and then most people always said I was going be a lawyer.” and I must add, she’s enjoying the law.
•Simi wants to major in commercial law but will also want to do a masters related to economics or finance. Her favourite course is conflicts of law but does not have a favourite lecturer, on why she likes conflicts of laws she said this “Well I kinda like that its a bit complicated and requires to read in detail If u really wanna understand it.”
Simi is a very brilliant student and one of the best in her class,she even earns the plaudits of our Oga at the top; the LSS president;Tolulope(SwaggerTolz) he regards her as “the student he respects the most”. (check Lex observer)….How sweet…She said this in response to that “Well I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that and to be honest I don’t see what makes me different but all I know is that God has had his way of blessing me and favouring me and I owe such good comments to God only.”
•As I said earlier,Simi loves cooking and learning new recipes so its not in the least surprising to find that she has her own sandwich business which started as a hobby and it still is. she finds a way of learning new food recipes and keeps trying to find ways to put a twist to her sandwiches in order that people do not get tired of tasting the same things everytime and to keep people interested in her sandwiches. This she does ‘Google-ing’ sandwiches every night before she sleeps and try to see new images. She also looks at food handles on instagram. (that’s something.)
•To something you do not know about Miss Simisola Samuel,she likes to hangout with friends,dinners,parties. Did she just say parties?Well,Simi loves partying (windeck,windeck)…I’m SURPRISED. x_x. She also really loves to exercise.How then does manage to do all of these and still be outstanding,she had these to say :“I try to manage my time very well and even times when I have to deliver sandwiches during class periods,I make sure I wake up really early so I can get the job done and still make my classes” Simi is a boss!!! 😀
•And,No,she’s not single, so don’t get it twisted, Simi is in a relationship but not with someone in the faculty. (What were the Year 5 boys looking at?)
•Sadly,Miss Simisola Samuel doesn’t read LSS blog so much,she’s only checked it out once but she likes the organization with which we (LSS blog) guys gather our information.She also said her favourite blog committee member is me (I kinda added the last part). 😀
To all of us who would like to become the next Simi Samuel? She had this to say “Firstly don’t try to be a ‘simi Samuel’, Be yourself!. Enjoy life, make mistakes amd learn from them. Most importantly decide what yoy wanna be and work each day towards the big picture.”

    Le Deep so

I rest my case.
Interview courtesy Dolapo Adeniyi

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