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Ghosts of Boyfriends Past Pt II

#np Tonight by John Legend
July 6
Dear Davy Jones, the new statue in front of the faculty tho. What’s with the curves. It is too much. Ahn Ahn. Kelechi and I were analysing the ‘africanness’ of the statue.

July 7
Dear Davy Jones, I am trying to establish a relationship with my room mates. It is not easy but am trying. I am not a bitch. True. Donald is not in school. My poor baby is still convalescing. 

July 8
I ran into Micheal today. He was looking awesome. And the only thing I kept asking myself was why did I ever leave? He was way older than me. That level of commitment was just too serious for me. I ran for my dear life.
We are waiting for the time of our movie. I am staring into my popcorn. Micheal is staring at me. This is awkward. 
‘You have grown into a beautiful woman.’ You see what I am saying? I smile, one doesn’t get that kind of comment often. Micheal is the closest I have to my perfect man. I have a list, a story for another day, with ten items my perfect man should have. Micheal has eight. You know what drives me crazy the most – soft hands. His are super soft. He has beautiful fingers and nails. Right now I am looking at them. So soft. I smile at him when I realise that I have lost track of the conversation.
‘So, that’s a yes?’ I shake my head. I don’t get. ‘Yes for what?’ He laughs ‘you have still not changed. You were wool gathering? I was suggesting we should hang out say on Friday?’ 
I know I shouldn’t say yes. Micheal is bad for me. Let me confess. The reason I ran away was that, around the time we met, I had a dream that I got pregnant. Yes, a divine intervention. I say yes anyway. What’s the worst that could happen?

July 9
Dear Davy Jones, am so excited. I mean, it is okay and lectures have not fully started. Kelechi is a bad friend and a sore loser. She said I needed some quality time and that Micheal ‘oozes’ quality. I hate that girl. 

July 10
I am glowing. I contoured my nose and did that bronzer stuff, can’t tell you how o, because you would have to sign a non disclosure agreement. -__-. I pick out this dress that my dad bought for me – you wouldn’t believe that my dad’s sense of style. I look amazing, that’s the first thing Micheal tells me as he sees me. He looks good – very good- and I am trying not to stare.’
I have been having a wonderful time until now. We went ‘karaoking’ then we went to have dinner in his house – he loves cooking and he is a great cook. We watched Jerry Maguire too. He likes it better than I do. Right now, I am so pissed off. ‘Mayen, I am sorry. Honestly, I thought we could make it before twelve.’ I am sulking. God! I feel like crying. Was this his plan all along? I have to deal with this. I take a deep breath. ‘So, what is the plan now?’ I look at my time it is 1.09am. The security man at the gate just scoffed and went back in. There was no opportunity to beg. Even if – enter, the porter at Makama will hold me to ransome. He has been asking for settlement. I can’t beg, I know I will just start crying. ‘Mayen, I am sorry. Let’s go back and you can just sleep this off.’ It is gonna be a long night… 
I can’t sleep. He even snores like a gentleman…

July 11
My room mates be looking at me like did she go home or did she go to house. Whatever.

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